Vacuum map rooms edit

Any ideas how to enable room partitioning? My 4 bedroom house was mapped as only 2 rooms.
Cannot change the mapping. How can i force robot to clean only certain room while on the map 3 rooms are combined as one?

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Map editor will allow you to do this, if it shows up for you on the vacuum settings page. Not everyone seems to have the map editor yet.

This is a downstairs room with a bathroom, the bathroom is noted as room 2. It would be nice not to have 4 rooms in this map.

Hi @dmitry59 and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
FYI: There was an app update this past weekend addressing some issues with the vacuum.
There is also a new F/W update just released.

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Map editing enabled again! works great (except the center of my map can’t be used as anchor points), I was able to finally turn my map into proper rooms instead of one big one!


Looks like I can get into the editing screen fine. Renaming rooms works, Merging rooms also works fine.

However I cannot split rooms no matter where or how I move the line end points. It shows a message in red at the top of the editing screen that states “The splitting line must all be contained in the room.” As far as I can tell it is.

Any tips?


Unfortunately splitting rooms seems to require that the anchor points are both on perimeter walls. This is a significant problem if the center portion of the map has walls that do not connect to the perimeter, making it impossible to split some rooms. For example, the room labeled as “Bedroom/Bath” in the map below cannot be split into “Bedroom” and “Bathroom”.


Unable to split rooms, ok button greyed out. Running Android.

Same problem here

Same problem here on an iPhone 12.

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On Android. Rooms splitting and merging works well. Splitting function requires walls to establish anchor point, but some of my walls weren’t mapped, A few clear section of the house the vacuum has been avoiding (?) and I really don’t want to remap the ENTIRE house again (3000+ sqft house would take full day).

  • need “Mapping” mode in addition to “Clean” mode
  • ability to “Re-scan” each room as furniture pieces may get moved from time to time

Same for me. Single level 3000+ house. Some places robot refuses to map. Remap feature and correction of existing mapping will be useful.

Just got our vacuum today. Setup and initial run went without a hitch. I go into the map editor, within the settings menu, but my map never shows up. It is in the main screen when I go into the vacuum and I can add and delete walls there. But nothing in the editor. Wyze Beta 2.17.6, vacuum firmware 1.6.97. Anyone have this issue?

Ours has mapped our dining room, living room, and kitchen as one room. In the middle of that there are stair going town to the basement and a fireplace as well as cabinets and such. No matter where I draw a line it tells me, “The splitting line must all be contained in the room.” I get the same message no matter what room I try to split no matter where I try to split it.

I’m having the same issue after lastest app update

Pinch the screen to zoom out, sometimes my map loads “off screen” too

So - i already remapped my house 4 times and still cannot make map editor to work correctly.
It maps about 4 different rooms as one and every time i want to split it - it complains about connection.
Does not make sense ||||||||||||||

Please help to fix this bug!

Same problem here , cannot attach anchor point for splitting rooms on inner walls (dotted lines).
Android 2.17.7

I was told that if your house width and length dimensions are dramatically different, which is what it looks like in your picture, splitting files. This is a known bug which will require a firmware and app update. I’m sure it is coming ‘real soon now.’ :wink:

Does there happen to be an ETA on a fix for this? I mapped a different level of my house today and I am unable to split my rooms in the proper locations. I can split rooms down the middle without an issue, but I cannot split rooms across a simple doorway, The vacuum cleans great, just need it to clean in the right places.