Having trouble with the Wyze Robot Vacuum map editor

WhenI first received the vacuum,I did the initial cleaning so the vacuum could map out my house. It cleaned the entire first floor (family room, kitchen, and living room) and mapped it all as one room. I just updated the Wyze app and the vacuum’s firmware. When in the map editor, I selected the only room mapped (the entire first floor) and select split. I adjust the split line to where I want it but the “ok” button is grayed out and I cannot select it. No matter where I place the split line, the “ok” button is grayed out. My line is within my room as instructed by the banner in the top of the editor page. Anyone else have this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

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Perhaps post a screenshot of the issue and see if anyone can spot the problem.

Same issue here!!

I’m having the same issue. Using latest beta app 2.17.6 on Android, firmware 1.6.97, plugin version 1.7.6 and I’ve selected the Vac for beta. While in Map Editing, I can merge and rename rooms but I cannot split a room. The split room line is present but the OK button stays greyed out and the red warning banner remains and it says the line must be within the room. I’ve tried placing the ends of the split line on outside to outside wall, outside to inside and inside to inside walls. OK button never activates. Also when adding a Virtual Wall, it just decides to add it differently than I have selected. These issues happened both before and after I did a Quick Map by selecting Remap. Both of these bugs make this vacuum virtually useless as can’t keep it out of areas that is should not go or do smaller cleanings.

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I have the same issue also.
Here is a screenshot

Since the mapping was made prior to the recent app and firmware update, I’m going to remap my first floor again and see if that makes a difference. I’ll let you know if it fixes the issue.

I have remapped 5 times since latest beta/firmware update. It did not help

I’ve updated my map a couple times too. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I’ve taken the vac off and on beta. It changes nothing. Still can’t split a room, still can’t get a Virtual Wall to stick. I’ve put the vacuum away until Wyze comes out with another major update that allows me to easily limit where the vacuum goes. WRT Virtual Walls, it would be easier if the “wall” was simply a line rather than a rectangle . One can easily place lines together and move them around to form shapes using small phone screens. This is what the neato vac does.

I am having same issue. Firmware 1.6.97. Says it is up to date. Driving me nuts. Lol.

I finally got it working. I did a remapping of the area. When asked if I wanted to clean or do a quick remap, I chose the latter. It did a quick remapping of the area. When it was done,I was able to use the map editor and separate the area into smaller rooms.

Still no luck after resetting room, app, phone, and quick mapping. “Splitting line must be contained in the room” error on every room in my house.

Update in last beta was supposed to fix that. Are you in beta and on latest? Has worked for me ever since that update a couple days ago.

I’m on 1.6.97. No updates available “you are up to date” when I check firmware info screen.

1.6.97 is vacuum firmware edition.
The update is in the app, not the firmware.
Wyze app (Android) beta version 2.17.31 from Google Play dated Feb 8 2021. Among release notes the following is listed

What’s New

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wyze Robot Vacuum users from dragging the map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Wyze Robot Vacuum users from dividing rooms

That “feature” prevents me from fixing my maps, too!
Wish it would just allow a dividing line, period.

Sorry, should have mentioned I am on iOS

Yeah no clue about ios app. Version number, beta anything. Update to the app will fix dividing rooms.

Appreciate the feedback. Appears I am on the latest version (2 weeks old).

Ios often a bit slower
Is there even beta on ios app?
Next update to app should have it

Anyone find a fix for the split rooms bug? I cannot get a room to split, no matter what I do.