Robot Vacuum - Map Editor Missing?

Following the instructions in this FAQ…Map Editor doesn’t exist in iOS app v2.24.52,


My issue is (see screenshot) that the red circled area is being considered one giant room. I can’t split it into smaller sections because it doesn’t see the “room (staircase)” walls circled in yellow , It doesn’t allow me to snap the room split to those walls in the center, it goes to the far side THRU the yellow area.

I’m assuming this “Map Editor” would allow me to draw/complete walls? Or does it only allow for what I can already access, room split and merging by hitting the pencil icon above the time?


I have same issue now part of family room is in kitchen doesnt seem to be a work around tht I have found

I just keep hoping for an update, was tired of remapping and setting up again so for now living with it