Wyze robot vacuum room edit missing

When I first setup the vac I could edit rooms, but now the button is gone,
Was that an unintended feature release or can you only edit after the first run?


We are still trying to figure that out. It was there, then disappeared. Bust guess ATM is they intend to improve that feature, and don’t want anyone getting too used to the previous method. Pretty sure it will be back, tho. It was very popular.


And for now people that have done the edits using the previous firmware cannot change any of their edits

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What did the edits do? Currently, my Wyze Vac won’t clean my kitchen because it doesn’t recognize it as a room. Does the room edit fix that?

The edits would let you split or combine rooms and also name them.


I’m glad to see that this will likely be coming back. My vacuum is showing 2 rooms when there are actually more. It’s a weird layout, I know. But not that weird that it can’t distinguish between them. So I was coming to the beta group to suggest that it would be nice to be able to edit the map so that I can schedule individual rooms for cleaning.

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My vac is not even showing rooms. I guess my house is too large and it can’t quite map it all in one go…it will return to base (maybe) but if it doesn’t it shuts down and when i get it unstuck or empty the bin, it totally forgets where it is. It is a bit frustrating because when i delete the map to start over, it vacuums all the same places again. It has yet to keep a map memorized and only once has one room been labeled.

Just a suggestion, but I am going to try to start the cleaning process, and once it begins filling in the room it is working on setting up virtual walls to make the room smaller. Once it completes that and goes back to the charger, remove those walls, allowing it to go further and then setting virtual walls in the next area it begins to map.

Apparently the function was removed by Wyze in the last FW upgrade. They have said they do intend to improve and restore it , probably with the next upgrade.


Until they fix the docking issue, here are some tips:

  1. Try putting the docking station on a hard floor. That environment seems more tolerant.

  2. Watch the robot when it goes back to the charger. If it fails TWICE, then the next time it tries just push back on the front of the robot to help it dock. The issue here is they also have an issue where if it fails to dock 3 times it will erase the map.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.

My entire house is one room right now, that’s sort of annoying.

Funny thing is, it doesn’t sweep the perimeter of the entire house - it divides the house into perfect square quadrants and vacuums each quadrant at a time, completely ignoring the rooms. Once it’s done with one square, it does the perimeter of the next square which could include two or three rooms! Very strange. Can’t wait for this next firmware update.

I took an app update today, and I can now edit room names, and build rooms… All working very well.

I updated too and map edit is missing!!

It’s under settings now.

I tried! I only have app settings. I really can’t find it


I just got an app update too but no dice… I’m on Android, anybody who haveap editing using Android or iOS?

Go in to the app and the vacuum where yo see the map. Then touch the gear icon at the top right, then map editor. It should be below Reset Map.

Nope! Not there and yes I updated.


I updated today also on my iPhone. stopped the app on my phone and restarted and the map editor is not in settings at all. If I could figure out how to post pictures here I would do so

I also updated the iOS app to 2.16.46 and do not have an edit map anywhere in settings. My robot vacuum is running firmware version 1.6.75 and says that it is up to date.