Wyze Vac Firmware Update 1.6.95

I just updated the firmware on the Wyze Vac to 1.6.95. GREAT JOB WYZE. The ability to edit the rooms and rename them is well thought out.

Suggestion: If a room is re-named, it makes the cleaning schedule invalid. You might want to allow it to just use the new name.

REALLY GOOD JOB on the update. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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I did the firmware update today. How do I edit my map to define rooms? The robot assigned 3 rooms room1, room2, etc) during its initial mapping of our house but these rooms are not what I need. How do I change and rename now? Thanks…

After selecting the vac on the app, click the gear in the upper right corner. You should see an option “map editor” on the settings page. That’s the one …

Fast mapping works great.
Renaming works great.
Combining rooms works great.
Can’t get it to split rooms.
Maybe I just don’t know how?

Select any room and then click SPLIT. Drag the line to separate the room into two.

It may be that I had only run quick mapping? What you describe did not work for me. Will see if it does once it has completed an actual cycle instead of quick map scan. I dunno

What’s your version of the firmware?

How did you guys score the update to .95? I’m stuck on .75 and it’s not prompting when I check the firmware. Drooling about the room editing, my bot marked 85% of my house as one room for some reason.

It just showed up as available.

I’m waiting for the update as well. Still on .75. Can it be retrieved?

Also, is there any way to control the vac manually?

Thanks for your time,

You’ll have to wait until you’re notified that the update is available to you.

The only manual control is the ability to select a room or rooms and tell it to go clean. Also, with this update you can tell it to come home, from the app.


Thank you and thank you for the quick response.

Finally got it! But 1.6.97 rather than .95. Room editing works like a charm! Love it.