Robot Vac options for beta users - When?

Still on 1.6.173, How close are we to finding what our options are for upgrading?

I don’t know any exact dates, but Wyze just allowed non beta users to update the other day, right when people started loosing hope.

I hope that means the update for beta users is right around the corner!

They aren’t obligated to offer any updates at all. They could be completely done making firmware for this device and you are on the latest version…

.173 is not the latest version .202 is the latest. 173 is a beta version and we will be giving the option for the beta to upgrade to the newest version. We should have the info on that soon.


Thanks for the info.

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Any new news on this?

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So taking your vac off the beta program in the app will end up updating to a newer version than the beta?
What would one lose if they did that?

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I am not sure if that would work or not, it might work. As far as what you would lose, there is nothing that I am aware of, there are currently a few branches of the beta firmware, Most of them will not give any new features or remove any features. There is one branch of the beta that does not have spot cleaning, so for users on that branch the upgrade will give spot cleaning, for everyone else on the beta the upgrade will not change a thing.


Just wondering if there is any update on this?

The last update I had was about a week ago. They added spot cleaning to the beta users that did not have it via a cloud change. This should get all beta users to where the features are the same as the current firmware. They are finalizing the process for the update from beta for those that want to still upgrade off the beta version.


Month since last checked in. Just checking on status? Any update is appreciated.

I will copy over an update that was given Tuesday over on Reddit during one of the AMA’s. I will post the question followed by the response.


In December, Wyze updated the firmware for Robot Vacuums on the production firmware tract to get multi-floor mapping, spot cleaning, DND, and improved algorithm, etc.

  1. It would be nice to hear if there is a new ETA for the firmware merger on the Wyze Robot Vacuum for those who were on the Beta Firmware Tract. We have seen comments posted publicly stating Wyze was preparing behind the scenes for the logistical considerations related to the firmware update potentially requiring small percentage of units needing to be returned for a manual update/correction and Wyze wanted to have that ready to go as smoothly as possible. Is this firmware merger still the plan, and is there an ETA?
  2. Why does the firmware upgrade only have problems from some that were on Beta? And if that were the case, couldn’t you just do something like have all the beta firmware “update” to a firmware that rolls them back to a previous version, then do a second step to update to the same firmware as production? I am sure if it was possible, that’s what you would do (I am not experienced with doing firmware myself, so I am just thinking based on what SEEMS logical). I am curious and asking why it isn’t possible to just roll back to an earlier firmware that would then update successfully to the newest one?


Hi! This is Gwendolyn popping in to answer this one since I’m more involved with this process.

I hate to say it, but I don’t have a specific ETA. We got almost to the finish line when we were told that the folks we had trained to help with this were no longer likely to be available. Now we’re having to completely set up a new team, do the negotiations, and train them.

What’s going on is that the beta builds that some folks were kind enough to test had an issue that made changing away from the firmware currently on the vacuum have a pretty significant (though not guaranteed) brick risk. We spent a bunch of time working on methods to reduce this risk both to help with potential costs and because we know no one wants to have a high risk update. Vacuums fit an important place in people’s lives and we understand this. The firmware that was released to the public didn’t have this problem so we were able to eventually do the update with the extra features. We can’t have the beta folks do an easy change so we wanted to set up a process that would make this as painless as possible for all of you.

What’s going to happen when we’re able to get the process stabilized is that we’ll send out an email explaining everything and the fact that the update will actually bring minimal benefit (especially since we don’t currently plan further Wyze Robot Vacuum firmware updates). Generally, the beta firmware already has the features and fixes on the public firmware. But we made the promise and we intend to keep it. If folks want to do the update, they’ll be able to opt-in and we’ll be sending out the updates in batches so we can keep everything moving smoothly and quickly. Most vacuums will take the update and be okay. But some of them are expected to have trouble.

For the vacuums that fail the update, you’ll be able to ship them to us. Your vacuum will be manually repaired by our team. When it’s functioning normally, we’ll send it back to you. All of this will be free of charge.

We know that this has been a massive delay. And it’s admittedly pretty frustrating to have been right there about to send the email when we got the halt notice. But we haven’t given up and we’ll get this handled. We’re sorry and appreciate your patience.


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