Wyze vacuum firmware 1.6.173

Any info on another update, currently on 1.6.173?


Same question here! I’m on 1.6.173


Same here. I still have 1.6.164

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same here 1.6.113 their software designers suck

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@WyzeJasonJ , any updates on getting those of us who used to beta test this vacuum, the newest firmware?? I am stuck on 1.6.164

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The last info I received was approximately a week ago. Currently there are a few different branches of beta firmware that need to be merged, for one of the beta branches this is a risky update that could result in a portion of them to become unresponsive, for this reason we want to make sure we have systems in place to take care of anyone impacted with a minimum of trouble on the customers part. Once we have that all in place we will move forward.

Thanks for checking in and I apologize for the delay.


This is really ridiculous. The robot vacuum NEEDS an update.




I just want multi floor, when I bought the vacuum I thought it was just included because there was a wyze video on it but I’m stuck on 113 and it’s not available. Right now I’m resetting the map, then quick mapping, then setting my 2 no go zones where it gets stuck then hitting clean. Then moving the vacuum 3 feet to the sunken living room and cleaning again


It’s been since April 2021 that the Wyze Robot Vacuum was supposed to get an update for multifloor. That was also the last update as well to the Wyze robot vacuum. It’s been over 1 year and 3 months since the last Wyze robot vacuum update.


Wyze support won’t be fever tell you this. They swapped out my unit for a new one and it’s still on .113. Gwendolyn on the fb group reiterated what Jason did: they are still trying to figure out how to do updates without bricking units. Hmm…having an active product not get firmware updates in > 9 months. No bueno


1.6.126 here. It’s been over 1 year since my vacuum received a firmware update.

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Old firmware. Plus, if the vacuum doesn’t run for a few days, the battery discharges to 85% while on the base charger. I have to remove it from the charger, make it go home (back to the charger) then wait for it to charge to 100% before running. Very frustrated with this vacuum.

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I wonder if your problem is the charger isn’t properly connected. Mine stays charged on the charger forever if I don’t use it. Maybe instead of having it re-dock, you just push it back a bit and see if it says it is now on the charger?

If you are on carpet, you may be able to improve this by moving the base to a hard floor.

They say they are working on the firmware issue, so I also hope something changes soon. :slight_smile:

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Hardwood floor. Have tested with automatic return to home and manual. Charges fine after running. Fully tops off to 100%. But if it sits for multiple days it drops. Troubleshooting seems to lean towards a bad battery or the old beta firmware that needs to be upgraded is causing the unit to not charge. Or possibly the charger has an issue and goes in a sleep mode after several days. I’ve been waiting for the new firmware to at least rule out that as an issue. At this point, they should send new units to those of us stuck on the old firmware, and move on. Otherwise, for the time it is taking them, they are spending way more in salary and resources than it would cost to ship replacements. Something’s smells bad with this situation.

I think that’s normal. I don’t think it constantly charges the battery, I think it only accepts a charge if it is below a certain percentage.


Yes, since it is a lithium battery it has to stop charging the battery to prevent overcharging it. Not sure if it does the usual thing of topping it off after dropping a bit like basic lithium chargers. That is why it is recommend to not leave devices plugged-in all the time. A good system would charge the battery then just power the electronics from the wall so they don’t use the battery.

I vaguely remember it doing some odd things with charging, but I haven’t had any issue lately. I’m on 1.6.173, it sits all week at 100%. Might be because I cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. (I use 91% since it dries quickly.)

The white lights stay on constantly if it’s on the charger, otherwise the lights eventually turn-off (I can still access it from the app).

The battery does seem to drop awfully quick if not on the charger.

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Actually, that is part of the charging system, not the composition of the battery.

Should be fine if the charging system is working.

Normally they use the battery, not the wall. But there are reasons why you may not perceive this to be true.

The 100% is not necessarily true. Mine sits at 100% forever, but if I activate the vacuum I see it drop quickly. I think it says 100% forever until you activate it and the app actually takes a reading. In the meantime, the robot separately keeps it within a charging percentage.



What I mean is you don’t want to continue charging a lithium battery, by float charging for example.

I think you mean the system won’t overcharge the battery. I was talking about how lithium chargers including in most smart phones and laptops will charge to full, then as soon as the voltage drops a bit, they will charge to full again. This puts unnecessary wear on the battery. At least some are trying to improve this situation.

Yes, which causes unnecessary cycling of the battery. There are chargers that use a UPS like architecture however. Do you know or have you/someone else tried monitoring the current flow to the battery in the WRV to verify how it actually works?

The battery percentage is based on the measured voltage of the battery. As soon as a load is applied to the battery the voltage will quickly drop due to its internal resistance. Perhaps it is smart about keeping the battery in an optimal range while on the charger and simply reports 100% all the time.

The battery is easy to remove, maybe I will check it out.

Edit: I see where the confusion is… I was just re-affirming what you (@Newshound) said about it not constantly charging the battery, because that isn’t done for this type of battery chemistry.

Okay, so for example, maybe internally it allows the battery to drop to 80% before recharging to 100% again while the entire time always reporting as 100% charged.

I think I would have noticed by now because I’ve tweak it to barely finish the job on both my floors.

Otherwise, if it’s like a percentage or two, then that would be what I would normally expect to happen. I don’t know how much of a % gap you were thinking of.