Additional map questions

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Additional Map questions
3) I have 5 main areas in my home. For some reason, the Wyze Robot vacuum designated 3 rooms,
room1 is most of my home
room2 is an area off of my kitchen
room3 is the center core of my home (that the vacuum was never able to enter)
Is there a way I can repartition them and control which the vacuum does in a session?
4) Is there any way you can ‘drive’ the vacuum? There are at least 2 scenarios where this is desirable a) there are some temporary obstacles that you want to avoid for this session and b) the robot got stuck and you want to help it navigate to a place where it can resume.
5) If you pick the robot up and move it to another location, is there any way it can determine where it is and resume processing the map?

I think naming rooms and grouping is a work in progress. I have the same issue though, it has a room for the 5x5 area in front of my stairs even though its part of a bigger room. I also wish I could break up the bigger room into two rooms since its a kitchen and living area sort of.

I have played with relocating it and it seems hit and miss. One time, it kept moving around doing circles, but never figured out where it was. Another time it got stuck on a towel and thought it was somewhere outside of my house. When I put it back on the charger manually, it moved my charger on the map to this location that doesnt exist. Luckily, once I started another clean, it put it back where it should be.

I have run my vacuum once through the whole house, but put up virtual walls in rooms or areas that I want it to stay out of. Since the app does not yet have the ability to command the vacuum to clean only a certain room or area, I set up a schedule to have it do a specific room. Right on schedule, the vacuum started cleaning, but instead of going to the scheduled room, it started cleaning the whole house. And it bypassed the room that was scheduled to be cleaned and continued cleaning the rest of the house. I hope that will be fixed soon in a software update. I understand this is a new product that may have shipped earlier than originally planned, but many of the features that were advertised are not yet functional, which is a little bit disconcerting. I also hope that rooms will soon be able to be renamed, and areas within rooms can be partitioned and named. Also, virtual walls should be more flexible, For instance, I have a fireplace in the corner of one room, and I want to keep the vacuum off of the hearth area. The virtual wall should be able to be turned at an angle so that I don’t have a corner of the virtual wall sticking out beyond the hearth area.

I have the same problem. It would be nice if someone published a fix or a timetable to get the problem fixed. I love the vacuum otherwise.