Wyze Vacuum - Choose to Clean a Room Multiple Times

I find that having the vacuum clean a carpeted room multiple times produces a cleaner room/carpet. I currently just schedule the same room back to back with enough time between the scheduled start times to accommodate the length of time it takes for it to complete the first scheduled cleaning.

When creating a schedule or even when manually selecting a room, I’d like to be able to tell it how many times to clean that room before considering that room complete. Even better would be to be able to select the “direction” in which it cleans the room each time, i.e.-Front to back, side to side, diagonally, etc…

It’s either that or make it do a better job the first time…

In addition to our Wyze Robot Vacuum we also have a Roborock S7. One of the features the Roborock has that the Wyze Vacuum doesn’t have is the ability to have it make more than one vacuuming pass. For instance if you have it make two passes on one room, it will first vacuum in one direction then the second pass will be rotated 90 degrees. Say the first pass is going east-west, then the 2nd pass will be north-south. This is incredibly useful and catches dirt that would be missed.

I would love to be able to set my robot vacuum to run a second pattern in certain rooms that need more cleaning than others. Sometimes fur doesn’t get picked up on the first run, perhaps if I could set it to run a pattern that runs opposite or crisscrossing the first pattern would be helpful in picking up what’s left.

I agree, this feature is available on other devices and would be great to see on this one. As of now the robot has to go all the way back to the charger and then you can select the room it just cleaned for it to make another pass. You can’t even stop it from returning to the charger to clean a second time

Give us some new robot vacuum firmware

It has been a while since any firmware has been released and the robot really has trouble locating it self (at least mine has lately) and is always trying to remap the entire floor. It would also be nice if it could do better and cleaning along walls and just go in a straight line along side them instead of kind of bumping into them. Being able to choose how many times you want to clean a room/zone would be great as well. Just give us something!

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I agree with what @chuck4084 said about having a second pass with a rotation of 90 degrees. I’ve found that having that rotation is really helpful when running on low pile carpet. I’ve had to “trick” the vacuum into running the opposite direction by doing spot cleaning and making sure that the longest part of the path is adjacent to the route it originally took, thus making it run the opposite direction. Having that baked in would be great.

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Robot Vacuum Deep Clean

I am really enjoying the upgrades to the vacuum software for multi level and area cleaning. However, there are times where vacuuming the same area more than once would be helpful for a deeper clean. Would you add a deep clean option? Basically, the vacuum would clean the same area, but change the pattern each time. Going over the space in different directions in order to get a better clean. Could have a tiered 1x, 2x, 3x.

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