Initial mapping logic

Is there any way to make the robot vacuum JUST map?

For some reason, Lou decided she was finished with the initial cleaning even though there was one room left that had not been entered, and there was 29% battery left.

Lou did not return to charge and continue. Lou said “complete”. I was there. I heard the words.

Lou was totally aware of the room, as a piece of it showed up from the LIDAR scanning, and it received its own room label.

Now, however, even when I initiate a cleaning of that room, and the additional room features are scanned as part of the cleaning, the vacuum never moves beyond the originally scanned area, and the newly scanned area is never added to the map (probably because it’s not “mapping”).

Support (who did not actually read my email, it seems) told me to ‘remap’, ignoring that I told them I had already done this. Never mind that it takes over an hour to map because we have to “clean while we go along”.

I’m afraid I don’t follow the logic behind making mapping and vacuuming a single action, for just this reason. Map first. Then vacuum. I understand the efficiency aspect, so give me an option to “vacuum while mapping”, if that makes you feel better, Since it appears the mapping has to happen during a single charge

There’s no need to be able to vacuum the entire area on a single charge, but apparently the logic requires mapping to complete without recharging.

I am so very impressed with how little stops/sticks this vacuum. The app, however, is not too far out of “hot mess” territory, though. I’ll even let the atrocious map editing features slide, but the lack of ability to map without cleaning is quite an oversight, especially if there is a requirement that mapping happen without recharging, and without the ability to append additional mapping data.

Please someone tell me there is a way to ‘append’ newly scanned map data…

Well, for anyone that has read this. I just found under the settings ‘gear’ icon in the map editor, a ‘remap’ function that I’m trying out right now. It doesn’t run the beater bar or suction, it just tools around rebuilding the map, and then offers to take you to the edit screen to edit the room definitions, put your virtual walls back down.

While the app indicates “mapping” for the activity, Lou still claims to be ‘cleaning’.

It took around 12 minutes and left the battery at 99%, where as the initial run took almost 1.5 hours and ran the battery down (on low).

I’m pleased.