Vacuum Dock Moving on the Map

My vacuum dock keeps moving on the map and the vacuum is ‘lost’ when cleaning due to it. If you see the included map, I have it marked. This is a constant issue. It will snap back eventually into the right location on the map. It will run for a few minutes then the dock will magically move locations and the vacuum will then be confused. I’ve cleared the cache and done map edits with no luck. Any help would be appreciated to get my vacuum working again.

I have the same problem almost every single time I try to do a “new” schedule outside of the one that usually works flawlessly. It’s been half a year, over and over. I’ve reported it countless times. I delete the app, restart my phone, remap, etc., and nothing works. I’m tired of deleting the app every time I want it to vacuum only 3 rooms. I’m for them to replace it or just take it back as I was an early backer and I want to believe it’s just my unit. When it works, it works so well! But when it doesn’t, it takes an hour out of my day and I’m better off with the broom.

It also redraws the map on top of itself. Every. Single. Time. This happens. It’s infuriating. I have never fought so much with a piece of smart home tech. Every weekend if I want to run it, it’s a hassle.

Have you ever change the location of the dock ? The condition of the dock’s location update is that the vacuum have to do a start -finish clean then go back to the charge station by itself.

And I notice there is a overlap place in your map and I thought that there is something wrong with your map so the location of dock is wrong. Please try “Quick Mapping” to rebuild a map for your house.

Wyze Support told me to factory reset the robot vacuum and remap. I created a second map/floor and tried the ‘quick map’ feature. This seems to of worked. The issue with my floorplan is that the walkways between the kitchen, living room, foyer, and dining room are bigger than a doorway. So, the robot vacuum sees them as one big room. The map editor will not let me split them nicely due to the center part not being recognized as a ‘wall’, but as an obstacle and I cannot attach an end of the splitting line.

I see. It can’t split room between the outline and internal wall, so you have to line the two points on the external wall first. We are developing to make it come true and we expect it could release in September.

That would be great! That has been the biggest issue with mapping my home. The second issue is the kid toys that get randomly left around. I tried the quick mapping feature to remap and it seemed to do a good job getting around obstacles to map the barriers.

This still appears to be an issue with this product. I’ve had issues with two separate units doing the exact same thing as mentioned above.

I’ve tried remapping, tried turning the product on and off, no luck. After a few tries, it snaps back into its original place, but the whole idea of me buying this was so that it could run when I am not at home. (Basically, I have children and would not rather have to babysit a vacuum as well). Anyone else have any luck fixing this problem?

Instead of deleting the old map, I made a new floor and performed a quick map of the house. The new mapping isn’t as clean, because I didn’t move some of the things out of the way (like in the play area). It seems to be working well enough for me right now. Periodically, the “new” floor will glitch, but existing out of the app or switching to the “original” floor and back will fix it. The glitch is that it will act as it has never mapped the house.