Wyze Robot Vacuum Continually Losing Map Location

Hi guys. I’m having a really frustrating issue where the Wyze Robot Vacuum constantly loses its location (and it seems to be getting worse. When it does an area cleaning sometimes it loses its location once, other times I get so frustrated (after 5+ times) I just send it back to its dock.

So far, the only way I’ve found to have it find its location again is by pausing, removing the dust bin, inserting the dust bin and then continuing. Sometimes doing this works the remainder of the scheduled cleaning, other times it only works for minutes until it loses its location again (sometimes it acts like its in the backyard) and it seems to be in completely random areas in the room and not a specific place that makes it happen. Has anyone else been having this issue or a similar issue at all?

I’m currently running the latest non-beta versions on the vacuum (v1.6.97) and iPhone (v2.17.21).

Thanks so much!