Robot Vacuum forgets where it's at

The last several days my vacuum consistently forgets where it’s at. I will initiate a cleaning and 30-60 seconds afterwards it all of a sudden thinks it, and the dock, are somewhere else in the house. I’ve attached two screenshots:
Charging.png - This is when the vacuum is charging and is the correct location.
Lost.png - This is what happened this last time after about a minute. It thinks it’s in another room altogether…the office (as well as the dock)

It does this every time. The vacuum is completely useless at this point. I have submitted a ticket to Wyze Support, but have yet to hear back. Any wise words of wisdom about this?

I just started getting this problem as well. Additionally, my vacuum now all of a sudden has a very hard time docking itself and has now failed to do so and died on each of the past two cleanings since updating to the most recent app version.

This happened to me after two successful cleanings. It “relocated” itself to the opposite end of my house! I could not fix it so I deleted the map and had the vacuum remap the house. It has worked properly since doing that.

I was especially confused because the first mapping missed two rooms. I simply set the vac in each room and told it to clean again and it successfully mapped them both correctly and in the right places in the overall map.

Well, we’ll see. I deleted the map and let it re-map the house. Only done that initial cleaning so far. Fingers crossed…