Wyze Robot Vacuum Battery issues

Hi all, I am having issues with the battery on the robot vacuum. Noticed it was dying within 5-10 minutes of started a run so I researched on the forums and found the battery that has been linked before (I purchased the cityyork one from Amazon). After installing the battery (thank you to the person that included picture instructions), I am having lots of issues. The first time I turned the vacuum on after changing the battery the roller brush started spinning uncontrollably for a minute or two. It has finally stopped doing that but it seemed odd. Now anytime I try to run the vacuum it starts the lidar sensor and front brush, lurches backwards into the charger then after sitting for 15-30 seconds give an error of either “boundary sensor soil or blocked” or says the wheels are not level or are not on the ground. I have yet to get it to run since I changed it. Has anyone come across this? I tried factory resetting and resetting the map with no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated!

One of the reviews mentions “Fried our vacuum”.

Have you tried going back to the old battery to make sure it can still start-up/run properly?

One thing I would do is check the voltage and polarity on the new battery compared to the old one. So if you have a basic multi-meter, check that.

Though I would think a bad battery would not work at all or worse, break the vacuum like it did this particular reviewer.

I would not expect reverse polarity would work at all, probably trip the battery safety circuit immediately (that it has hopefully).

Thanks for responding so quick! So I just tried to swap the battery back with no luck, same issue as with the other battery. I don’t have a multimeter so I can’t check the voltage. My fear was that it might have fried something. I was very suspicious when i first turned it on and the main brush started spinning very quickly with nothing else moving. Open to suggestions if anyone has any. Otherwise I may just be a word of caution to others at least on that specific battery (link below).


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Maybe you can open it up (if they let you keep it after doing a refund) and take some close-up photos of the bits. If I could see the circuit board and how the cable and connector are terminated, I might be able to see if it is wrong.

Only do this if comfortable, especially if it requires cutting off shrink wrap to see anything. You need to be extra careful to not short-out the battery.