Wyze Vacuum Save Created Maps in App

Today, I moved a sofa that was used as a divider point between two rooms in Wyze Robot. This made the robot freak out and totally messed up the whole map. It moved the whole room more towards the bottom of the map space, messing up everything else with it. I had to reset the map. But that takes a lot of time to set up when you take into account the setting up of no-go zones and dividing the different rooms. I think a solution to this would be to have the feature where you can have the robot just “remember” a previously used map. For example, I could just have made the robot “pull” the map it used yesterday before I moved the sofa today (I moved the sofa back to the original place). What do you all think?

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I wish! Another way to say this might be that it would be advantageous to have a DEFAULT map, or several, that you could choose in case of a mess up. I am hesitant to remap sometimes because I don’t want to lose the almost-perfect one that I already have.

Please add the ability to save and restore additional Maps.

I have a house where one room has a threshold which The Vacuum cannot cross in the return Direction. It would be nice to be able to clean that area I just having a second map I could select when I want that room to be cleaned. Also it would be handy to be able to do the same in my entry area without having to reset the map completely and lose all of the no go zones what’s where to find for my main floor.

Reusable Map Option

I frequently relocation my robot-vacuum from upstairs / downstairs and have to reset and remap and set no go zones every time.

Option to reuse map would be useful


Create Zones that include multiple rooms and schedule selected zone get cleaned more often

I would like to see Wyze create Zones that enable users to include multiple rooms and schedule selected zone get cleaned by preference . This will allow uses to schedule one zone. For example one zone may include the living room and hallway that users might want get cleaned more often; say every day. Another zone can then be created that might include bedrooms that you may want to only vacuum every other day or so. In short this will allow users to prioritize parts of the hose for more or less vacuuming based on need or personal preferences.

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Save/download map in App/Cloud

I have had to get the Robot Vacuum replaced a few times now, and I was wondering if it would be possible to save or download the map from my original vacuum so that when I get the vacuum replaced, I don’t have to remap my house again.

The map could either be downloaded to my device and I upload it when I set up the new vacuum on my device. Or I could save the map to my account/cloud and then it would be there to download onto the new vacuum when I set it up with my existing account.