Wyze Vacuum Scan Request/Mapping only (whole house or single room)

Looking at the vacuum, what it does first without a map is start tracing nearby walls. It allso seems to start looking at a square that is roughly 20ft x 20ft. This makes sense as it’s trying to get a good feel for the immediate area where it’s charger is before it can go further so it doesn’t get lost. However it leads to a very inefficient first pass where it cuts rooms sometimes into 4 separate passes because the square covered just a quarter of the room.

I was thinking it would be more efficient to build the map first. It can probably go faster and wouldn’t even have to turn on the brushes. just explore the area and identify the whole house. Then it can break up the house into rooms as it does and start tracing those and cleaning them one by one.

Another advantage of starting in SCAN or MAP only mode is not having to worry about things like wires or fringe getting sucked into it before you can add virtual walls to protect areas. Now I have to follow it around to pause it before it eats things while the map is developing and prior to being able to erect a virtual wall.

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I agree. On top of that if I could control it’s direction manually so I could force it to map a new room that would be helpful.

I agree, I’ve thought that it would be great if I could put a leash on it and pull it around the house/rooms in the direction that I’d like it to learn and it would create a mapped outline of each room/area/floor as I pull it around. Then having saved the outlined area map along with other items it sees I could edit the map to add virtual walls, followed by turning it loose to clean and map the cleaning pattern.

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Would be nice to have the ability to save scanned rooms and then access them at a future time. For example, after mapping out a bedroom, being able to save it, name it, and then next time that room is vacuumed you can pull it up so that the vacuum already knows where it is.

“Quick mapping” has shown up in the latest beta firmware for the Wyze vacuum (the firmware is no longer available for download from what I’m hearing this evening). But the good news is it sounds like our voices were heard and it will hopefully be in the live version of the app/firmware soon. Preview some screenshots here: Wyze Quick Mapping - Album on Imgur

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Kudos to WYZE teams for Mapping mode. Found it this morning after firmware update to 1.6.97. In about 15 minutes the vac drove itself all around the main paths of our house and outline mapped the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Then I could easily add virtual walls and it all seems wonderful. Rooms were numbered and then easily renamed. Current issue for me now is the virtual wall procedure. Several issues:

  1. My map is large and the anchored + Add Virtual Wall icon overlaps an area where I want to add one. It took a lot of effort to move my map so that I could then add a wall. I want the location of the icon to be movable.
  2. It is extremely difficult to add small virtual walls as the resize and delete areas converge. The current way of adding a wall is fine for big areas but there needs to be a way to make fine adjustments. I tried adding walls on my phone but very difficult. Then I tried on my iPad and still found it very difficult to adjust tiny areas. Perhaps you need to have a 3 step process 1 add virtual wall, 2 select wall, 3 resize wall, followed by save/delete.
    Finally the split room mechanism isn’t working for me. One end of the split line keeps snapping to a couple of locations and won’t allow me to position it where it should be located. It seems like snapping should be turned off.
    However, great job getting the mapping function working. I thought it might take weeks or months but WOW, it seems just fine now! Thanks!

Allow OPTION of SCAN HOME without having to sweep. Then VIRTUAL BLOCK ZONES can be set up before vacuuming.

That is now available with the latest app and firmware updates. It works great!

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Yes, as posted above it is available with firmware 1.6.97.
Sign up for the beta and you should get the update within a week or so.

Thanks to the Wyze team for rolling this out. The feature works pretty well
and uses very little battery.

Next up, ability to save multiple maps and switch between them - pretty please.


Hi I am on firmware 1.6.97 and the newest android app 2.16.55 and I see the new map editor but can’t find how to quick map and mine doesn’t look like the picture posted that had the little paper airplane and said something about quick mapping. I tried deleting map obviously and even deleting the vacuum and re-added it.

You might need the Beta app to get quick mapping. You can easily join on Android by going to the Play Store page for the Wyze app and scrolling down a bit and it should say Join Beta

Thanks that did it.

Hi Wyzers,

Finally I am a proud owner of another product from the Wyze family - The robot vacuum. First impression is great, but there are a lot of improvement areas. And I know that Wyze team is also looking for the feedback from users. So I am starting with this one.

It does a great job of mapping the area, however, while doing that for the first time, it gets entangled / stuck / confused with all types of obstacles. Can you guys add a “Mapping Only” or “No suction” mode along with Quiet, Std and Strong? Where the robot can just move around and create the map of the place? This way we as users don’t need to worry about the obstacles. Once the map is prepared, we can drop in the virtual walls even before the 1st Vacuum mode. This will be proactive way of avoiding the robot from getting stuck / entangled / confused with the obstacles, rather than reacting after it gets into trouble.

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Your request has already been realized if you update your app to the Beta app latest version and update your firmware to the latest 1.6.97. That will give you a map only setting that will cause the vacuum to quickly drive around your rooms mapping the outlines of walls and marking furniture and other obstacles. It follows a path down the center - between walls and generally doesn’t get itself into much trouble (it tried to go under my wood stove while it was hot so you need to make sure you watch it) but it took about 15 minutes to produce a map of my roughly 1,000 square foot 1st floor. It configured a bedroom, bathroom, mudroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry. Try it!

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Awesome! I am already using that same firmware and beta app version for android. Where exactly should I see the map request? This will be very useful for me, because one of my room it detects but never connects to my whole floor map … as if there is no door in between. Also, it does not name this room separately in order for me to include that room in the cleanup.

Attached the image

Try going to settings then map editor then tap thec3 dots in upper right hand corner.

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Great … I was able to. Its super fast. The map is ready in minutes …

Just 1 concern … for the 1st time use, its great. Exactly what I expected. However, if I want to just update current map, I don’t think there is any option without deleting the current map. This deletes all my virtual walls too!

Right. Requests have been made to be able to save room by room and to be able to replace just one room. But as you experienced it is really fast so for now it seems ok.