Wyze Robot Vacuum Holiday Beta Firmware is Here! Apply for an opportunity to use this beta firmware by Christmas Eve 12/24/21!

Hello Wyze Robot Vacuum users,

To celebrate the holidays this year, we invite you to join our special beta firmware test if you want to try our latest new features including:

  1. Multi-floor Mapping
  2. Spot Cleaning
  3. Do not Disturb (setting to turn off voice prompts)
  4. Added a multi-point relocation algorithm (after starting, the vacuum positioning time will be slightly longer to improve navigation performance)

If you are interested in joining this beta test, please fill out the survey below so we can push the firmware update to you by Christmas Eve (12/24) if you are selected!

Link to the Survey: https://forms.gle/Uf6FCGHTVUeLkp7o9

We’ll be selecting a small pool before we make this firmware available to more people later. Applying through this survey will not guarantee you will be selected. But we appreciate the interest of everyone that applies!

If you encounter any problem with this special firmware please let us know immediately by submitting a log through Account > Wyze Support > Submit a log and then replying to this post below.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

The Wyze Robot Vacuum team


I love this idea of new features as a “gift.” Though I would generally recommend against doing a beta test during the busiest time of the year…if there is a serious problem, it might hard to get employees on it when they’re all off shift.

I am game though, what’s the worst that happens? I have to use a normal vacuum for a short time? No big deal.


Single room remapping would be great. Kind of pointless to remap the whole house if you move the furniture in a single room.


Getting good maps has not been an easy task because of a lack of saving. Map updates don’t apply/save from selected room or spot cleaning. Also seems like it must dock perfectly on the first try in order for it to save. I’ve been training it by setting down a whole bunch of no-go zones to get it to go somewhere and come back as quick as possible.

Currently running Beta 1.6.173, really interested to see what’s changed in the next beta since I have all those main features already.


What’s the difference between this and the beta firmware 1.6.173 that has had all of these features for months already? Is this for non-beta members that are just getting this single beta firmware?


Maybe just #4 on the list.

Pretty sure I’ve seen it do that. I’ve heard of an ability to remove the charging dock on other floors/maps, that is missing in 173.

New feature-wise, this one is very similar to the previous beta, but we have improved other aspects of this firmware including the firmware update issue some beta users encountered. If you are using the 173 firmware, you can skip this one.


I was wondering the same thing…I guess I’ll skip this one since I already have FW 173.

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Looks like only 40 people have clicked the application link. Looks like a small pool of people to me. It’s 12/24/21 can we get it now? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I keep checking. Did you guys forget about Christmas? Haha

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Welcome to the community @framerate

The update mentioned was going ot a small pool of individuals from those who entered. This was indicated here:

It will be rolled out to a larger group of individuals. However, earlier posts in this thread it was mentioned that if you are on .173 you can skip this one. What version are you at?

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Thanks, somehow I too overlooked that post about 173 (I see it now), and I just saw that’s the one I already have so I won’t worry about it now.


Yeah It was also mentioned that only a small number of people even filled out the form. So I figured my odds were good.

I’m on .126. Never received any beta yet. I’ve been super patient with the lack of features and the lack of availability for the replacement parts, so I was really looking forward to this.


The replacement parts are now available. I received mine. As for the beta, have you messaged WyzeHongfei directly? Sometimes they can help.

Got this message on 12-26-21. Standing on the diving board but it looks like the pool is empty? :grin:

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Thanks! For some reason I didn’t get the “in-stock” alert I had signed up for!

And no, never messaged anyone directly. Just patiently waiting for the features I want on my vacuum!

Also can anyone confirm this christmas beta went out? :confused:

I did not either. Saw it in the store and ordered. They came in and all is good. :slight_smile:

@WyzeHongfei , can you answer @framerate question about the Christmas beta?

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Thanks again! There are three things I need to really be 100% for this vacuum.

  1. Replacement parts (SOLVED!)
  2. Spot Cleaning (come on XMas update!)
  3. Google Assistant integration (come onnnnnnn)

It’s a great little device, for sure!