Wyze Robot Vacuum V2 Ideas

My manual approach to this is to pause it upon return to charge, empty the dust-bin, and then let it resume its return. It was pointed out to me that since it can be limited to specific rooms/zones for cleaning, it can now run during the day (since I’m working from home), rather than at night which our Roomba did.

However, since I have put the dock under a cupboard, I cannot empty it while it’s in the dock. Altnerative there it to call for it to clean a different room to get it off the dock, pause, clean the bin, and then cancel the clean.

So far, the dust-bin has been overflowing when emptied.

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In theory you could do this if you can define those different floor features as different rooms. Then when you schedule the cleaning, you can schedule high suction for the carpet, and quiet for the hard floors.

I was pleased that when I scheduled a room far from the base, that it navigated relatively quietly (no vacuum), and then only upon entering the room, started vacuuming. When it was done, again, stopped vacuuming, and then returned to charge.

Yep, I also empty the dust bin and inspect the brush after each use. In my case I have cat toys that the robot often is the only one that can find. And there’s no point waiting for the robot to tell me the bins full when I know it just vacuumed it’s too easy to just dump the bin and forget it.

Hello, we’ve had our robot vacuum since late December, and so far I have to say it’s awesome (WAY better than our 3 year old Roomba). Besides the quirks with mapping, and map editing (which I hope they’re able to resolve and with future software updates), I really like what Wyze has done at this price point either way.

With all of that said I have to say that the LED on the vacuum is REALLY bright. I’d sincerely appreciate the ability to dim it/turn it off entirely in the app at some point.


Bright light - I agree. I have mine parked under a cupboard as the boss had advised it needs to be placed somewhere else. It’s still pretty bright, and I’d like to see it turn off (sleep mode?).


Never intended this comment to be placed in a discussion about V2 of the Wyze Vacuum, but I guess that’s where the mods decided it belonged?.. :person_shrugging:

Either way, I hope a basic function like LED dimming isn’t pushed off to a V2, and is instead rolled into V1 through a software update.


I have an indoor grill that is EXACTLY the height of the vacuum, so the vacuum accepts that height for rolling under, but then gets stuck on a bolt or small piece of metal. If I could adjust from the default acceptable height in MM to something a little more strict, it would help prevent it from routinely getting stuck from those places.

Problem photo:

Just received my Wyze Robot Vacuum. I’m guessing that I’m one of the few in Canada to have this unit and I had to pay a shipment redirection company to get it to me. It was worth it! Nice work team!

My wishlist, is a self emptying charging station, it would be really useful for homes with pets.

I have an iRobot i7 that crashes into everything and which has damaged all my furniture and my trim…but it has a self emptying feature which means that it will be the prime vacuum in my house :frowning:

Wyze Vac rocks! Thanks again for this amazing product.


I would like to receive notifications when/if my vacuum encounters a problem.
Several times I’ve found the vacuum tangled up in a wire, or somehow lifted up against a wall, or just stopped in the middle of a floor for no reason.

There are also times where it seems to have gotten “lost” in the middle of a room and the mapping is all messed up for that run (though it always seems to know how to go back “home” when I send it back."

So, I would like to see the features of: “Notify when vacuum has an error/issue” so that I can be made aware rather than later at night finding it sitting in the middle of the floor, or tangled up in a carpet in a corner somewhere.


How can I get my wise vacuum to adapt to everyday changes in the house without having to erase and remap the entire house. Doors open, doors closed, furniture gets moved around. Nothing gets remapped large areas are skipped because there was a chair in the way yesterday that’s been moved


I’m fairly happy with the robot vac, but I believe many firmware improvements can be made to improve functionality and deal with unusual situations and error conditions. My top three:

  1. If the vac gets stuck for any reason (under furniture, inlet jammed on an errant towel, etc) send an alert to the app. As things currently stand, it just sits there until the battery is dead.

  2. Allow user-adjustable height clearance for getting under furniture (assuming lidar or other sensor can detect overhang). My workaround is to put a virtual wall around the problematic couch.

  3. If wifi is lost, use internal map to head back towards base station, when wifi recovered alert app with map showing where wifi is not detected so I can adjust my wifi antennae or power level.


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It would be great if the vacuum could notify you when the bin is full or clogged.


If it stays there permanently, you could try putting a border of matte black tape around it (or right around the edge underneath of it). Should trigger the step sensors. Or just block it off in the app?

It’d be nice if once a room was mapped out, the vacuum started at the back of that room and worked it’s way toward the entrance/exit to keep the lines clean. Right now it runs through those perfect lines on it’s way out of the room.

As is done when you manually vacuum, Wyze Robot Vacuum should alter it’s pattern in rooms, or have a setting to “redo” a room with a different pattern. Currently, I can run this vacuum 4x in 1 room and have the exact same line of dog hair each time, resulting in me having to complete the job with a standard vacuum. Yes, the dustbin is empty and there is nothing blocking or stuck in the inlet. Also, like I said, I run this room over and over and over with slightly less dog hair each time, but it doesn’t ever get it all. If it simply ran along the wall, the issue would be solved.

Attached picture is after 3 runs today.

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I would love a reminder from the app on my phone to remind me to empty the vacuum bin after a completed cleaning cycle that is separate from the completion of a cleaning cycle. Additionally if the vacuum has not registered a removal of the bin for cleaning to have an alert sent the day before the next cleaning cycle is to take place.
These reminders would also be great if sent to Alexa and Google devices as a reminder notification to empty the bin too.

Thanks for your consideration.


We need an option to have the vacuum pause and send an alert to empty the dustbin after vacuuming please. Too often the vacuum goes back to charge with the dustbin full.


Yes this would be great, since it knows when it has been changed. So setting a reminder after every use, or the similar would be great.

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I agree, if we had the option to change the direction it ran, or have it randomize so that the lines in the carpet change on each use. I foresee my carpet getting worn out… when the wheel lines are in the exact same spots each run.

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