Use Vacuum Recharging sensor as Cam

If the Vacuum ‘recharging sensor’ is an IR camera, which I assume that it is, it would be nice to be able to access that camera through the app especially when we are not home. It could be used in a ‘patrol’ mode for monitoring your home when away.

it’s not a camera per say… it does use sensors to read the lidar pulses and it’s range to things in the environment in order to map the environment and then show it’s location on the app, this is what I believe you are assuming is a “camera” but as far as being able to stream and view that, there is no ability to view through these sensors.

in a break down ( because my wording would be far less clear), I found this. and using this explanation, the Wyze robot uses the more one dimensional LIDAR measurement system versus the SLAM method I think you are referring to that drones and more visual based machines need. so in this case it would not be possible…BUT…if you have an outdoor cam you could put on top of the vacuum…you would have your rover :sunglasses:


Nah, GoPro sized action cameras are much more down to size for that. Would probably work great.

Bam, are you talking about the lidar unit’s receiver or the window that is on the front of the vacuum?

Use camera in nose of Robot Vacuum for visual feedback and control it like a RC car from app for fun

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The future is now guys !

Can we get the Wyze vacuum to chase intruders in the house ? It can be controlled by the Wyze monitoring team ! :space_invader:

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