Vacuum disconnects from internet/ needs handle to pick up

Vacuum stalls in the cleaning cycle, and then it’s search and rescue time. I cannot locate it via the app because device has disconnected from the internet.

It also will not traverse a rug with a black border. I guess it computes it’s on the edge of a cliff. My Roomba did the same thing. I was hoping the Wyze vacuum would overcome that issue.

Device could use an inset handle to easily pick up with one hand. My Roomba had that feature and I miss that! It takes two hands to pick up this unit.

I do like the suction power.

I’m noticing the same problem. A week ago it would always return when the battery got low. Now it doesnt even try and does the same disconnect from the internet.

Is it possible you have an area with poor/no wifi signal? I had a problem with a wifi camera dropping signal at the far end of my house from the router. When I measured signal levels around my house using WIFI Explorer on a laptop, I found I was on the same 2.4GHz channel as a neighbor and it was knocking me offline when I got very far from my router. Initially I forced the router to a different channel and it was better. The real fix was installing an Orbi mesh network with two access points. I now have uninterrupted 2.4 and 5 GHz through my house and into the yard.

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I agree a handle would be very useful. I don’t think it will be added to this vacuum though. Maybe add that suggestion to this wishlist item.

I keep getting the disconnected form the internet quite often. Even putting the vacuum next to the router it doesn’t work! I have many other devices that work great on my Orbi Mesh network,