Vacuum has no network reconnect feature

The Wyze robot vacuum disconnects from the network for no reason I can discern. I have contacted Wyze support asking how to get the vacuum to reconnect to the network. All I get is questions, “Is your app up-to-date?”, etc. and no answers. Why isn’t there a feature built into the vacuum to get it to reconnect?
After contacting Wyze I performed all the troubleshooting steps to no effect. Days later, the vacuum reconnected, on its own, and it remained connected for a few days. Then it disconnected and that’s the status today.
It seems to be a fairly obvious design flaw to not have a feature on the vacuum to get it to reconnect to the network.
I own several Wyze products and feel that I am a beta tester. Every product has had some problem, but I was able to get them resolved until this one.
I do not have time to keep contacting Wyze for no effect. This may be the last Wyze product that I buy.

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Not the answer you are looking for, but, I have experienced a couple of longer than expected disconnects as well in the past, and not saying this should be acceptable, or if you attempted, but rebooting my wireless access point resolved the issue the less than handful of times I had this issue, and they happened with early firmware versions.

Not sure if this feature request is in the Wishlist forum, but could be worth adding.

You are correct, this is not an answer to my question.

Thanks for the attempt.

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