Robot vacuum suddenly won't connect to WiFi

My robot vacuum has been working great for about a month, but now is offline. The app prompted me to reset the WiFi, but it won’t complete the pairing process with my network. I’ve tried both with the vacuum fully on the charging station and also off the charging station, but no dice either way - it simply fails to connect after I’ve put my phone onto the robot WiFi network (and turned off mobile data). My log ID number is 400478.

Are you aware of the outage yesterday? All I had to do was turn it off and back on again (simply re-docked it manually and let it start back up), all was well after that. (I’m running the beta firmware)

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I missed that direction about the outage. Unfortunately, the fix does not work for me … I assume it’s because I had already followed the in-app instructions to reset the Wi-Fi? But now I can’t get it to connect at all.

Try a Factory Reset…
My Wyze Robot Firmware Won’t Update. – Wyze

I wonder if you may also need to delete the device from the app. Not sure how much time you have invested in the map as far as no-go zones etc. Factory reset may nuke that anyways, not sure how much is actually stored on the bot.

I installed BlueStacks (using the bata Pie 64-bit instance) just to make map editing less painful.

Oof, I’ve got three floors mapped with no go zones. REALLY hoping I don’t have to factory reset. Any alternatives?

Have you rebooted your Wi-Fi network in an attempt to refresh IP connection? Usually restarting the vacuum itself will do that but this would be the alternative way

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This might be too late, but this might be useful info…

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