There has GOT to be a better way to reconnect the Wyze Vac

3 times this week I have gotten the error The Robot Has Been Disconnected From The Internet. The only way I’ve been able to get it to reconnect is completely removing it and going through the set up process again. This is absurd. My previous smart vac never disconnected. The only reason I switched was cause this was a good priced smart vac. The router is 10ft away.

Any other solutions other than completely resetting everything?

Better question might be why is it getting disconnected? Mine hasn’t done that once. Defective unit? I would open a case at the very least.

So of course since I commented I woke up today and found my vacuum disconnected for no good reason. I removed it from the dock and held the home button on the vacuum until it shut off. Then held the home button to turn it back on and placed back on the dock. It reconnected fine and was showing in my app again.

Have you tried that?

That’s too funny. No I haven’t not but I definitely will next time it happens! Thanks for the update

The first time this happened, I tried doing a reconnect on the Wi-Fi, that did not work. I tried a factory reset. That did not work. I eventually removed it from the dock and powered down and back up and that worked. The vacuum has disconnected yet again, but powering on and off did not work. May have to try factory reset then power off/on again

How do you perform a, “Factory Reset.” I can’t find any documentation for factory reset on vacuum.