Wyze Robot Vacuum does not automatically reconnect

I’ve got the robot vacuum since preorder and it’s been doing a great job but recently it’s been disconnecting and not reconnecting without me having to physically reset the network on the vacuum.

After a couple of days of being fine, the app would show that the vacuum is offline, and there’s nothing I can do to it on the app and it won’t reconnect no matter how long I wait. I’ve got wyze cams and other products that are always online so it’s not my internet. The only way to fix it is to hold the power and home button and reset the network and set up the vacuum in the app again, a tedious task to do every couple days or weeks.

I’ve contacted support and I keep getting the same useless canned response about updating app and firmware (which are already all up to date) and checking my internet, but that doesn’t fix the problem. Does anyone on the forum have any idea how to get it to automatically reconnect or is the vacuum on it’s way to a slow death?