App says robot vacuum is offline but have no wifi issues

Have robot vac 200s. Firmware is 1.6.202. Today I opened the Wyze app and it had an error banner saying the vacuum was offline. Strange as no wifi issues were occurring. Followed the suggested to reset vac but no luck. I manually started the vac (depressed power button) and it started a whole house clean. It returned to base to charge and I powered it off because I was leaving. Upon return, I see both buttons on unit are flashing white (wonder what that means?). Thought maybe I need to delete and re-install app. Any suggestions??

I have the same problem. This thing was working great until sometime last week. Wyze App has an error on it saying the vacuum is offiline. I went through the setup several times with no success. The app (v2.42.1 on iOS 14) hangs when attempting to connect, however I have no WiFi issues. I see the device on my router, and I can ping it with no problems. Was there a recent update to the iOS app that broke it?

Latest firmware on the RoboVac I have been noticing this. Here’s what I know.

If the vacuum gets stuck and runs the battery down until it shuts off and you have to manually put it back on the charger, after it’s placed on the charger it will power on, stating “Powering On,” as expected. This is all normal.

But after it powers on, if you don’t wait long enough to notice, the Vac will move off the charging pad just enough, as if in the startup there’s a glitch that causes the wheel motors to turn enough to disconnect from the charger. It will look like it’s connected but it will again run the battery down and die and go offline. I see this all the time and it’s only happened with he latest firmware, I never had this problem in prior builds.

I physically have to stand there and wait for the Vac to Power on, then, after about 30 seconds or so, The wheels will move slightly, the Vac will stop charging, and I just move it back to the charger so it actually continues to charge.

I’m curious if you’re seeing this behavior?

Oddly enough, I haven’t experienced this issue. I have absolutely no access to the vac via the app; it says its off line and is virtually useless. The vac works. I can start it (manually) and it vacs the whole house; I have to guess if it’s done while it’s charging. Only way I know it when it starts up. Really nice when you’re sleeping!! Sadly it’s out of warranty so they were kind enough to off a $35 gift card that’s virtually useless.

Time to move on

Mine was working fine then the app shows offline. Running IOS, app version is v2.42.1. Vac works if you manually start it. Of course it’s out of warranty, so they’re offering $35…like that will do me any good.

Done with Wyze!