Robot vacuum loses internet connection

Just got my robot vacuum, and was super excited.

Sadly, I have not had a successful run with my little friend, and fear I may have to return him. :disappointed:

The little guy keeps getting disconnected from the internet about 20 min in. When he reconnects to the internet, he has no memory of the work he has already done. Can’t save any mapping and cannot get him to remember what was already cleaned, and he can’t find the charging station.

My wifi signal is strong in every spot that the guy lost connection. Frustrated, as so far the vacuum is useless without internet.

I have the same problem. Did you find help?

I am having the same issue. I was able to run a complete cycle yesterday with no issues. However, today I am losing connection. If I reset my app it works for a couple minutes but then loses it again.

That is odd. Two days ago I sent my vacuum to clean four rooms and into the second room or so I noticed it lost wifi and was trying to reconnect, flashing white lights. I opted to let the vacuum continue. Eventually it did pick up connection again and it completed the cleaning and returned to the dock with no issues. It did also create a clean record and the map of the clean looked normal, so I assumed during that time it was keeping track internally without the need of a connection.

I am running a new clean at the moment. I too am loosing connection and then reconnecting. Only an issue if you want to change suction mid clean.

That is a good point. I noticed I lost connectivity on a follow up clean cycle. I did periodically check the vacuum on the initial clean/map but don’t recall if it lost connection, so that could be a difference.

When I ordered the vacuum I was worried about WiFi and connectivity. My 2.4GHz band is not very strong and with multiple Wyze cameras I had to connect them to different access points to get them all to properly work. Luckily, knock on wood, this has not proved to be an issue.

I didn’t think of the issues with too many 2.4 items in the house. That’s a good point

same issues for me
cleaned most of area… had trouble finding dock to recharge… made it close but kept on backing and turning and forward and turning…

i finally moved dock a bit and if connected… started charging and then dropped internet connection…

I also cannot find the “update” for the android app anywhere… I might be a bit early looking for it… but an update is not showing in any of my known sources but in this forum saying there is an update on january 16th…

I know buying a new product has its problems
Wyze team is trying… and the unit seems to be in user “beta”… a few steps beyond development…

I hope all of the issues are software and not hardware… (the unit is not heavy enough to be a door stop nor an anchor…)

I also cannot get the android app to send a log file… anyone walk me thru how they are successful getting a log sent out>… thanks in advance

Just got mine today. Initial set up went great. Then once it was fully charged I checked the screen and it said it wasn’t connected. There was no way I could see to try to reconnect so I -

Deleted it and added it as new.
Now I keep getting a message Connection Failed.
Rebooted router and tried again.
Same problem.

4 times now I have tried and it won’t connect.

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Might be the same issue us owners are also having. Currently it would seem all vacuums are showing as disconnected from WiFi. There are multiple other threads now on the issue. Mine has been flashing white for about 45 min now.

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Cheers, I’m seeing that now. Should have guessed this wasn’t a one off. Ugh.

Has ANYONE manage to resolve it? I dread dealing with “tech support” and their canned questions that never resolve any issue. 1 of 2 of my V3 cameras didn’t work and it was ridiculous dealing with them,

Guess I’ll open another ticket…

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I think it’s time that Wyze focus on the longevity and stability of their existing product lines instead of rapidly announcing and releasing new products. Just a couple of weeks ago I found out that my Wyze Sense products could indefinitely fail to work if I didn’t make sure the battery didn’t get to low. They gave me a free replacement as a one time benefit. I’ve supported Wyze since the early days and recently preorder release Wyze Sense, Wyze Bulb, Wyze Door Bell and Wyze Vacuum Robot Vacuum but they have to improve their long time support and reliability to keep me as a customer in this IOT device world.

I’m having the same issue as most above. It cleaned great today, Then dropped internet connection an hour or so ago. I power cycled the vacuum. I’ve reset my modem and all the standard trouble shooting above. I deleted the vacuum from the app and now can’t get it reconnected. Hopefully this is a server verification issue and a short system outage.


And now they release a handheld vacuum? WTH?

I have ordered nearly everything new on the first day it could be ordered. Not ever doing that again. No way.

I too have lost connection to the internet. I did the firmware update when it was released. Obviously there is an issue with this new firmware. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

They have moved to push their PLUS service when their existing infrastructure can’t handle their promised free smart services. Also, I just realized that on the box of my pre-order outdoor cam shows person detection…yet I have to pay extra to use that feature…

Mine has been blinking for about 30 minutes now. Boooo.

It just came back on the Internet for me.

Just stopped blinking. Looks like it’s connected, but my floor map keeps trying to load over and over.

Thanks, I just tried adding it again and it loaded no problem.