Wyze Vac will no longer connect to wifi

I’ve had my vac for a few years. I noticed a few days ago that it had not been running and was offline. I checked logs and it has been over a week. I could not get it to reconnect, so I thought maybe it needed a new battery. I bought and replaced the battery. I let it charge overnight. I still cannot get it to connect. I deleted the vac from the app and tried to readd. It still will not connect. It always times out in the “connecting, this may take a minute” step with “connection failed enter your password and try again”. I’ve done the research and made sure to have cell data shut off, location is “always”, local network is on. I have another wyze vac (recent purchase) that is upstairs and works just fine. I’ve not made any changes to my password, or network. All of my wyze cams, and bulbs are also working just fine.

What are the lights doing?

Check out this procedure…

If you reset the vac, you can add it back to the app using the same name before deleting the old one, then it will keep the map(s).