Vac Can't connect to internet after update yesterday

Updated Vac successfully yesterday. Reinstalled app also. Now Vac cannot connect to the internet.

Whats up???


Vacuum can’t connect to wifi after update. I have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried. I uninstalled from the app and attempted to add the device back again, but the robot will not connect. It’s annoying because it had been working fine before the apparently UNNECCESSARY update yesterday. I wasted an entire afternoon and evening on this. If I need to send it back, you should just issue me a refund. And if the same is true of my door lock… well, we’re going to have even bigger problems.

Well @Drmesmo I hope we will not have problems as I do not work for Wyze. I was just relaying the information they posted about the AWS issues. I am still being told the updates are necessary to make sure they will continue to work. Moderators and Mavens are just users like you but volunteer time to help the community.