Wyze Robot Vaccum Power Cycle Option

Wyze Robot Vacuum needs an option to power cycle or restart it to fix losing connection due to internet outage or AWS outage. This is a huge oversight. Support claims the only way to get the connection back is to factory reset and in my experience unfortunately this is true. This really aggravates me because then I lose all my maps that have been tweaked and customized with zones.

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I believe your request already exists. There are 2 options to start this process depending on what your issue is:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons for 3-5 seconds. You’ll hear the vacuum announce that it’s reestablishing WiFi connection.

  2. Simply re-add your vacuum as a new device giving it the same name as before. Do NOT delete your vacuum before doing this and your map, all settings and history will be retained. I’ve used this method several times over the past year and it works well.

Edit: Forgot to add… both methods are performed while vacuum is docked. I perform spamoni4’s method below undocked (pulled away from the charging base).


Did not know option 1 was available. I push and hold the power button until it said Powered Off. Then I wait for 15 Seconds and press the Power button again until it says Powered on. WiFi connection is normally successful.

I will have to do option 1 above for now on.

Thanks for the Tip. Always learn something new in these forums. :slight_smile:


I always try your method 1st. :+1:

I haven’t experienced many problems with my vacuum. But that may be because I rarely have WiFi or power outages. Last night and this morning’s AWS outage was hectic. Most of my devices came back online without intervention this morning, but I powercycled the stubborn color bulbs, outdoor plugs and 2021 plugs that still weren’t connected. They all came back immediately. In the middle of powercycling the vacuum, my power went out!!! I thought, no big deal, I was powercycling anyway. Nope. Tried option 1. Nope. Tried option 2 and it came back to life. Verified map was still good and ran a cleaning cycle. All good. :smiley:

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Yea, I rarely lose internet or WiFi so have not experienced a major outage unless the power goes out.

After the AWS issues, I was lucky and most of my stuff came back online with the exception of the following, power cycling corrected it for me.:

  • Robot Vac had to be powered off and back on
  • powered off Driveway Color Bulbs and Powered them back on
  • VDB had to be disconnected from Power and then connected back to power.

My robot vac came back on it’s own today after the AWS issues last night. One thing to be sure to do is not touch anything if you are having massive problems in your app, like when all the servers go down. Will very often cause you more trouble.