Wifi reset on vacuum

Need to reset the wifi on my robot vacuum.

This is a painful process amplified by the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find instructions. So far all I can find says I have to have the thing start from scratch and the mapping already took ~18hrs of run time and following around to successfully complete.

Now it wants a password to access the set up at all which does not exist. WTH.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @ryan.rs!
You’ll need to set your vacuum up like new to change the WiFi network. Here’s how:

  1. On your mobile device, turn your cellular data OFF.
  • Some devices may try to automatically connect to cellular data while not connected to WiFi. This can prevent successful setup.
  1. In the Wyze app, tap Home , then tap + plus sign on the top left.
  2. Tap Add Device .
  3. Tap Home > Wyze Robot Vacuum .
  4. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons on the vacuum. It will say “WiFi connection has been reset.” Tap Next in the app, and follow the onscreen instructions to connect to WiFi.
  5. Once connected, you’ll be prompted to name the device.
  6. You’re all set! Now you can use the app to start a Clean.

I’m having problem w/ step 5. I can’t connect to the WZVC_xxx wifi network.

I also had to spend a lot of time getting a useful map and would REALLY like to change from my old to my new wifi without having to go through that process again. Please provide a workaround or add this feature!

I followed these instructions and when I was finished, my map was still there.

I have been trying (multiple times), following all instructions - including resetting my EERO to 2.4 AND turning OFF mobile date. When I connect to WCVR_7C78B2406D11, I am told that “Internet unavailable. Cannot auto-connect”

What am I possibly doing wrong?