Robo vacuum needs internet?

So with the major AWS issue today I seem to notice that our robo vacuum shows offline when our home wifi is up and not having any problems and our internet is up so why in the world is our robo vacuum not able to be told to clean? It shows offline yet our wifi and internet is functioning. So why in earth is Wyze roni vacuum depending on internet or why is it offline it does not even have Alexa capability that I am aware of yet.

Nothing was in the instructions or website before buying that in order for your vacuum to work internet connection to Wyze is needed for the robo vac to function. Why?? Why can we not get our vac to function from wifi only? No I had not tried to re add the vac as I don’t want to remap the house losing all the virtual walls we added, or can we keep the map if we readd the vac? From my understanding to re add the vac we have to remove and add and we lose the current mapping which then it has to re map and we have to set up all the schedules and virtual walls??

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Have you tried pressing the power button? A single press should start a cleaning cycle. Another will pause it. Pressing Home will force it to return to the base, but it should also return there after cleaning is complete.

You may / or may not be able to watch the robot work from your device, however. That goes thru the servers, which are come & go ATM.

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Will give it a try, but that truly is crazy, it should never need to connect to Wyze to perform its job. It should be able to do it’s job with or without internet, if that means it needs a home hub then they need to offer it for those who want the product to function when they don’t have internet.

They should also have map/schedule save export function if you have to delete and re add the device you could then import saved map and schedules.

I think it will do it without Internet after you press the power button. :slight_smile:

But what will it clean if you press the power button? Apparently you can’t choose rooms like you normally can, so it’s going to clean the whole house - which I can’t have (can only clean certain rooms on certain days). And of course schedules don’t function. All of which pretty much makes the vacuum useless for me. WYZE really needs to 1) set up some kind of notification process for when systems are down so we won’t spend needless time and effort trying to troubleshoot server issues, and 2) provide some kind of local functionality so these devices aren’t rendered useless during system outrages.


Mine did this as well, shows offline in the app even though the vacuum works. It really shouldn’t be communicating with the Wyze servers to perform scheduled tasks and be controlled from the local app.

If AWS outages are going to be this frequent, Wyze really needs to put some notifications in-app

All devices are online now