Whers the car?!?!

Yeah, it’s an exciting product, but sad to see the limited supply and difficulty in ordering! I saw on twitter that the 500 they released sold out in less than 10 seconds…

From contest thread


Are we attempting to buy one (or more) of what will be a limited production, one time item or are we attempting to buy one of 5,000early production units of an item that will be released in mass the end of May?

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I’m willing to buy an RC car, with 2 hour battery life, that can take a camera I already own, plug it in, and see the camera output on my phone or tablet and control it from there all within one app for ~$75. Can you point me to one?

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it was just an elaborated joke, unless the 500 cars are selling in one second, this is just a well elaborated joke

Just passing on a message from Gwendolyn:

If it’s a joke, it’s a pretty messed up joke. I’ve got double charges for $82 in my Amazon pay account processing right now. WE NEED ANSWERS

It seems like the contest thread is getting all the answers.

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Same. You would think a technology company would be able to manage their ecommerce platform. But apparently not. And “unexpected demand” isn’t an excuse. They clearly are unable to mange their growth and execute on the basics. They need someone that knows how to manage a business at the helm.

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Hi, folks!

The product is real and selling very quickly! We have thousands of people on our site so they’re selling super quickly.

We had an issue where “free shipping” was shown when it wasn’t supposed to. However, if you ordered when that was displayed and were charged shipping, you should reach out to customer support so we can take care of you. We’ll honor the shipping charge that was displayed. :slight_smile:

Wyze Customer Support


It’s frustrating that the system couldn’t handle it… I had the purchase page just spinning at 9am (11cst) and it wouldn’t go through… I got to the payment page 3 times, none of them were able to resolve … I don’t know if I’m going to be charged or not, but I mean come on, once we have the product in cart, and submitting on the purchase page, the system should be able to handle the rest.


Ugh, nothing I enjoy more than refreshing a web page 50 times to spend money.

And I was just thinking how much pleasure I’ve received from Wyze products during the pandemic. What a joy to be offered actual “surprise” innovative products at very reasonable prices and without having to deal with the plague that is scalper bots.

I’m completely fine with legitimate demand, if that’s what this is. But if it is what it looks like (a bot assault), I hope there’s an effort to verify actual, individual users. I also do hope a breakdown of this fiasco is forthcoming. I’m glad, though, that this isn’t an ill-advised April Fools prank.


Love the CAR, Would only use it for FUN, Too invasive for every day use

ANOTHER FAILED ATTEMPT WYZE!!! I refreshed and said 0 seconds left, refreshed again and said 59 minutes and 59 seconds until the next mission. I quit!


same thing happened to me. This is crap


Sale= lost
Loyalty= lost
Future sales = lost
Wyze= sucks


Once again the bots are ruining it for everyone.

April Fool’s day

I am going to just go play with my DJI Mini 2 drone I just got instead of waist my time here… BYE!!


Same thing here. There is no way they sold out in one second.