Wyze Car Giveaway? Results anyone!?!

So, whether you believe the hype or not (I do), Wyze ran a “contest” on April 1, accompanying the “flash sale” of the Wyze Car. According to the graphic, there were supposed to be 6 cars given away. Gwendolyn said she couldn’t get it done that night (understandable), but we are now 18 days later and I haven’t heard a lick about who won those six cars?

Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

Can we get an answer on this? I know they won’t ship for some time, but it would be nice to hear that Wyze is following through on their promises.

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They tried to do something fun and have a contest to give away some cars. Instead, that thread was filled with a bunch of complainers about how they couldn’t place their order. I’m betting it’s taking this long because they are trying to figure out how to announce winners without getting all the negative feedback again.

That doesn’t add up. You simply announce the winners. How would you approach this in a way that would change responses. If there is going to be negative feedback, then there is going to be negative feedback. It is what it is. It doesn’t take three weeks to do this, no matter the circumstances. I just want a response from Gwendolyn or others about what is going on and when we can expect the results.

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What’s the criteria for the winners? It was the most votes by category. But votes by whom? There werent that many votes, since let’s face it, who’s going to vote for someone else they are competing against. Maybe they are voting internally or wondering what kind of backlash there will be if they do vote internally.

Or maybe they are getting more cars produced and decided to announce that at the same time so they’re racking their brains trying to figure out how best to sell them that would appease the masses.

Now you have jumped into the deep end of fantastical thinking. I honestly doubt that this will become a product. If it does, they will lose all credibility for any future flash sales. The whole purpose of the flash sale was to create a stir (positive or negative) that gets people talking about Wyze. Sure there are those posting that they are “done with Wyze” because they didn’t get a toy, but they are doing so by posting to a forum they had to log into.

My guess is that they are either about to release another new product or they are emotionally toast after the 4-1 sales and the release of the new lamp. Either way, we should be seeing something soon about this… Shouldn’t we?

I never thought it would become a permanent product. It is just conjecture that they would ask for another production run from their vendor. If the demand is there, why not make the money?

It may very well be they are just hesitant to post anything car related based on the pounding they took previously.

That’s what I was saying. They did a flash sale of 5,000 units and the excitement and exposure was all about the limited availability versus the high demand. Sure, a company could make money off of selling the items from a second production run, but that same company loses credibility for any future flash sale or promotion. You don’t get the buzz and excitement the next time if most people think “don’t worry, they will just do another production run and I can get it then”.

It also paints the company as dishonest and deceitful if they say this is a limited run item that then expands into a larger multi-run item. The only additional quantity that I would say was acceptable was the extras they had made due to the website glitch which allowed 200-300 people to buy before the opening (full-transparency - I am included in that group).

Short story, long, I don’t think there is any good excuse for this. The naming of this car or the awarding of the prizes won’t lose or gain them any customers. It won’t hurt the bottom line. Not publishing the winners causes frustration for some and becomes a head-scratcher at some point. For me, that point is now.

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I disagree on this point.

They get this “buzz and excitement” with every product they release, limited run or not. They aren’t going to lose anything by making more. All they have to say is something like “We didn’t plan on making more cars, but contacted our vendor to get more since so many of you missed out due to purchasing issues.”

This is getting away from your original comment though. I was just making conversation because no one else replied to your post. It has been a long time since it ended and the last mention I saw was on Facebook a week ago that no winners have been announced yet.

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I agree, it has been too long. As you can tell, I am opposed to them producing & selling more. I am invested in selling the one I am to receive and any dilution of the rarity would reduce the price.

Now the prize ones. If I were to luck out and win one, that one is for me…!

I don’t mind sharing that they messaged me on April 8 and said I won one of the Wyze Cars. They said they would begin shipping out of their warehouse “next month” and I filled out a shipping info form.

I haven’t heard anything since and have not received a pre-order shipping email update from Jimmy since. I imagine it’s because they’re not rolling out until next month, but I keep coming back to the forums every now and then to see if anyone has an update. And you’re right - it’s mostly complaining about the April 1 checkout debacle.

Congrats, but this is disconcerting. Wyze not making the winners public or informing anyone of what the winning names were is dishonest and brings into question WHY would they do it all cloak & dagger? What is Wyze trying to hide? Why isn’t this being done openly? If the April 1 flash sale was such an issue due to bungling the whole thing, then hiding the results of the contest run on the same day is only magnifying the issue.

Looks like there was more than one contest going on for 6 cars. A little odd that WYZE didn’t mention their forums in this post or the other contests in the Forums, but yea… at least announce the winners so we can;

  1. Congratulate Them
  2. Enjoy the WYZE Community’s Creativity (as there was more than just a name, but a race track challenge too)
  3. Challenge other “Drivers” to a race once we get Cars in hand.

That’s disappointing. Was a Wyze employee running an unofficial contest on Reddit? Why wouldn’t this have been posted to the OFFICAL forum for the company. Running a side bet on Reddit is unprofessional and really is just another example of the utter lack of organizational discipline at Wyze. My guess is that as a company, the average age is in the late 20s, but you MUST begin to act a mature adults. You aren’t going to be the small upstart with a slingshot forever. If you continue with the unprofessional acts, eventually a larger player will see the opportunity, and crush you. Sure the founders may walk away with a heafty payday, but Wyze will be gone. Grow up and start acting like adults.

Many people dont use this Wyze forum so it makes sense to run the contest on all of their social media platforms. They made mention of the other contests in each of the posts, including Reddit, so I’m sure they were all Wyze sanctioned.

I do agree that not announcing winners is very unprofessional. With all the negative feedback they had , due to the purchasing issues, it seems they have decided the best course of action is to never mention the car or contest again.

I don’t begrudge them for announcing or otherwise promoting contests & competitions on other social media platforms, emails, carrier pigeon or smoke signals, but any professional company is going to run their competition through their primary information platform. In this case, that is the Wyze site, NOT Reddit with a link to an image on Imgur (it’s where the link takes you).

Running a competition or sweepstakes off of your social media platforms is exclusionary. It is par for the course for the immature younger generations who think that social media is life. It is a poor use of those platforms, but try to tell that to a Millenial or GenZ business and they get all defensive and cry foul. Those companies that are making the most out of social media are headed by the older generations (those with vision) who understand that it is just a tool to magnify your presence and not the heart of your presence.

By running a side competition off of the main platform, you bring in accusations of it being fake or unsanctioned. By not announcing any winners, of this or those on social media, you bring in questions of whether the competition was a stunt. Any way you look at how this has been handled, Wyze looks bad.

Results are in!


Finally, but I want to say that Wyze does have a tendency to color outside the lines. The approach to give only to those who didn’t purchase one was NEVER mentioned. Do you think for a second that the forum topic for this contest would have gotten half the traffic it did if that had been mentioned. It’s another example of the immature, unprofessional staff at Wyze who are grasping at what it means to be responsible adults.

Let’s also not pass over the fact that it is a lie. Wyzeclops received 13 total votes between the two people who posted it. How is 10 larger than 13. I don’t care that much as I did purchase one, but the utter dishonesty of Wyze is something to scratch your head about.

13 was the sum of 2 different entries… yours was 4 and mine was 9, and mine was entered past the deadline, so not eligible anyway.

I do think it would have gotten that much traffic, most of the traffic in that thread and in the other platforms wasn’t everyone entering fun names or the other contests… it was probably 80% because the ecom site was pretty much under duress upsetting everyone trying to get one. Few people seemed to have cared about the giveaway.

I was lucky and was able to buy one in the first round… and the WORV name got a runner up win because another member said they were able to buy one and declined the win, as did I because I was able to purchase. We could have easily filled out the form and received a second car as I do not believe the WYZE team was checking for that, it may have been stated in the forum but I don’t believe it was an official rule. I personally would much rather have a member of the community who was not able to purchase one get access to the give a way and share their experience with the device with the community.

I get it, WYZE has some growing up to do, youth (even as a company) warrants some grace. They aren’t perfect, show me company that is, but they are in my opinion continually improving, maybe not at the speed that satisfys everyone, but it’s identifiable. If they weren’t improving I’d dip too.

And all that time on April fools day you swore this whole thing was a joke :rofl:.

You just need to unbox that car when you get it and play with it, the experience may be more enjoyable than waiting for the crypto currency you are asking for to mature, we can have a virtual race. Wyzeclops Vs. The WORV. :wink:

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I would have declined it if I won as well. But I did not even enter it… :slight_smile:

Mine is never going to be removed from it’s box, at least not by me. It will be packaged with a brand new, in box Wyze Cam v2 Black and sold to the highest bidder. It will be on eBay as soon as I have it… unles someone makes me a crypto currency offer that I cannot refuse. Had someone made me a crypto offer a month ago, they probably would have saved some money. With the market starting to show some signs of “squirrelliness” I might be a little less likely to take a lower offer. The closer we get to the projected peak of the bull market, the higher my initial ask will be as well. I don’t want to wait 5 yrs for my ROI (but I will).

I did in fact think it was a hoax until I was proven wrong and then I immediately admitted my fault. Of course, by that point, I had already purchased one.