Wyze car giveaway contest - 4/1/21

The Wyze car rollout was poorly planned and pathetic. This is one customer you lost today, Wyze. When a tech company can’t even do e-commerce, how can I trust their products? Truly disappointing. Internal communication errors on shipping? A website that doesn’t work? Who planned this debacle?

Keeping it simple…AutoWyze

this is a stupid April fools joke get back to working on fixing the doorbell and get rid of that error code 06 and 09 and 07 whatever… stop telling me to log out log back in uninstall reinstall… at least acknowledge that the issue is real as we do. stop sending me CAM Plus promotions when I have absolutely no use to put it on my doorbell at this time as it is useless

I’ll be naming my car Wyze Ninja.
'cause he’s stealthy.

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My cars name would be Darth Wyze, you have to embrace the dark side :smiling_imp:

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NICE! Sounds like “Darth Plagueis the Wise”…hopefully it confuses all the young apprentices…Darth Wyze the Wise…could have fun with Darth Wyze in Disguise, or Darth Wyze who Drives…hmm… :thinking:

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I feel your pain but also understand the need to put out new products .I would most certainly have more Wyze products in my home the customer service was a bit more responsive and not just mimicking the steps posted online for repair.

Wish I had thought of this before, as I don’t think I saw it… I know past the deadline but still fun to share.


scroll up, 12 hours ago. Both Wyclops & Wyzeclops. I saw it too. Thought it was kinda obvious.

Weird… I even did a search it didn’t yield anything. I’ll go find them and like the first one. Thanks

Ahhh… I searched Wyzeclopse not Wyzeclops extra E added to WYZE it up

Poor Gwendolyn probably needed a day off after yesterday…

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I was bummed. I got locked out from posting yesterday. Guess you only get 10 posts on your first day. Had a couple more names I wanted to submit. Oh well, it was still fun. Was able to order a wyze car in the 4th round. Can’t wait!

how about error404

Wyze Cars are selling for $200-$250 on eBay. If anyone is interested, I don’t want that much, I just need all offers in top 10 cryptocurrencies (excluding XRP & USDT). I prefer BTC, ETH, or ADA. Just private message me if interested. If you are a crypto investor, this could be really cheap.

Hi, folks!

I don’t think I’ll be able to pick all the winners before the end of the evening and I apologize for the delay. I’m going to work my way through as much as I can and finish up later. I’ll be sure to announce the category winners when I have them and appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:


Alright, first things first, I am SO sorry it took so long to pick winners. Thank you all very much for your patience. I’ll be sending everyone a message with a link to a form for shipping information for when we have the cars. If you were able to purchase a Wyze Car on launch day, please, please let me know so I can give the prize to another person that wasn’t able to purchase before we ran out of stock. :slight_smile:

Without further ado, here are your winners!

Community Favorite

@cnvrtble98 - Midnight Creeper with 10 votes
@mvb - Johnny Wyze also with 10 votes
@Tangelos - Wyze Eyes with 8 votes

Best Spy Car Name

@Ckirkpatrick91 - NightCrawler


@jahsh13 - Night SPYder



(Seriously, it made me laugh every time I scrolled past it but I may be a giant nerd.)

I added a surprise category using a donation from someone else. This is basically the, “Haha! Aww…” category. We don’t have enough cars for everyone that was having trouble purchasing but some understandably frustrated people had some really clever names that made me laugh and then feel super bad. We figured we could make it right for the top voted name in this category. :slight_smile:

Haha! Aww…

@NeighborGeek - Unobtainobile

If we don’t hear from someone or I’m told that they were able to successfully order a Wyze Car, I’ll add in runner ups. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


Alright! One of our winners was kind enough to let me know that they were able to purchase the car on launch day!

@R.Good, congratulations! Your entry of WORV (Wyze off road vehicle) was the runner up for the Community Favorite with 7 votes! I’ll be messaging you shortly. :slight_smile:


We have another runner up! This is our new winner for the funniest name! :smiley:

@Wizeguy19 - Mystery Machine


Woo! We have another kind and honest winner that was able to purchase the car! This means we get to go to our next runner up for Community Favorite! :smiley:

@sseipp, you win with 6 votes for Night Stalker! :tada: