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As of a few minutes ago. That’s just on this forum. For a toy. Wyze sure does know how to get attention. I thought the concept of “Wyze fan” was overblown but apparently not.

Enjoy it guys.

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How much is that?
Does it include shipping?


Only until 9 AM. Goes to $15 shipping and then $47 shipping at noon.

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I was just thinking about the car situation (I never tried to buy one because it was too much effort fighting for it), and how the obsessiveness (even all the negativity) only proves what you just said about “Wyze Fan” and attention. Wyze is not really at risk of losing a significant number of customers, no matter what any complaints come in with every single launch.

Besides, for this particular instance, 99% of the negativity I read was related to entitlement in some way. These exact same kinds of things happen with Black Friday deals and all sorts of things. This is all very normal with high demand, low supply situations. In the long term, there won’t be an overall negative impact to Wyze, quite the contrary. Even any negativity being widely publicized from disgruntled entitlement will actually help Wyze in some ways. The saying there is no such thing as bad publicity isn’t 100% accurate, but it does have a general point. Even “bad” publicity has usually been shown to get the business into the minds of others and will spread exposure and often increases sales in general in most cases, having the exact opposite effect as intended. 99% of the time, if you don’t want to continue to help increase sales to a huge business like Wyze, your best option is to turn to indifference, rather than minority opposition (there are exceptions…but “I loved this product, and really wanted it and am only upset because I gambled my time all day and didn’t win, or didn’t get the same price” like 99% of the criticisms is definitely not one of those things that will hurt the company at all, but will have the complete opposite effect).

I guess the point is, like you said, if anything, the car proved that Wyze has an enormously desperate fanbase, and even an inventory of several thousand can sell out in just seconds. There are people who have already resold the item online for $200 despite it not even being shipped yet. That’s nearly 300% profit. Wyze was WAY UNDERSELLING the value of this thing like they usually do.

It is too bad if some people had their feelings hurt over it. I personally was going to buy one until I saw the obsessive mania going on. I then just decided this was way too much trouble and basically gambling with my time and emotions, and I decided to spend my time doing work projects instead. No hurt feelings despite wanting to buy one myself. I had no entitlement to it as it seemed most complaints involved.

I actually expect that Wyze is surprised by how popular this was, and will now order a bunch more from their supplier and do another launch in the future. I’ll look into it again then.