Promo+Son's 7th Bday+SITE FAILURES=TEARS! Captured on my Wyze cam... Not exactly the kind of publicity Wyze is looking for. Don't worry, not sharing

I love WYZE! I recommend their products to people any chance I get… So with that said, today was a huge disappointment for me. Today was my son’s 7th birthday. When I showed him the car promo the other day he had so excited that I actually took a half a day today (contest began at 11:00 a.m. in Philadelphia) so we could spend the afternoon trying to “win” him a car for his birthday… From 11:00 to 4:00, every hour on the hour I would put the car in my cart and every time I was never able to get past the payment screen! I tried my Amazon account, I entered multiple credit cards,…NOTHING!! AFTER 5 HOURS my son had enough. He said “I don’t want their stupid car anymore” with tears in his eyes…WTF WYZE TEAM?
I don’t understand how a WEB BASED TECH company, that makes such incredible products, FAILED to keep their site up and running during a HIGHLY MARKETED PLANNED PROMO EVENT!!!
I wouldn’t be upset if they sold so quickly that we honestly just couldn’t even get one in our cart… That happens with limited edition stuff. And I get it, websites freeze, glitches occur, but every damn time? Over the course of 5 hours? There’s only one word for that… UNACCEPTABLE.
Hopefully these posts are actually being read by WYZE senior leadership, and not simply being discarded… And furthermore I hope that serious thought is being given to manufacturing another round of these cars in the very near future… Not with the intent of increasing sales, but with the sole purpose of "making things right"with your existing, loyal customers for the disgraceful service we received today… You guys are better than that.
I will still continue to support your company and your products… But I won’t forget that you made my kid cry on his birthday. Make things right… Please.
T. G
Philadelphia Pa

That’s exactly what happened. It just happened repeatedly every hour because they had tried to space it out. It was not “Wyze” who made your kid cry on his birthday.


I get that you and your son are disappointed, however, Wyze didn’t make your kid cry. If a kid cries because they didn’t get something they wanted, that’s a parenting issue. Kids do that, but it’s the parents job to help their kids manage their expectations.

It was a limited edition, high demand item. I’ve experienced slowdowns for things like this before. Comic Con is notorious for selling out in minutes/seconds and site slowdowns.

Websites and merchant POS systems aren’t built to handle the occasional hard hits and high demands. They’re built for the every day experience.