The Wyze Car (how not to gain customers)

What a load of @@@@.

Wake up. Get a real webserver. Teasing us like this is bad for business when you can put it in the cart and then get a Maintenance error when you try to checkout…



The level of incompetence is mine blowing

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Same errors every time. Maybe the 5th try will work but I doubt it. Major FAIL Wyze.

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Extremely frustrating. I’ve been on the site every hour at the countdown, on 2 different computers and my phone simultaneously trying to buy one of these damn things. It invariably lets me add to the cart, and then I sit and wait, wait, wait until it errors out. As a HUGE supporter of Wyze from the beginning (more than 50 cameras, bathroom scale, 2 vacs, fitness band, 47mm watch), this is a bit like a slap in the face.

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that is what i talking about. i was going to buy camera, but arlo is looking like the way to go


at least i am i am not alone. i feel the same way


Twice I had a car taken out of my cart at checkout.

I canceled two pending orders and will be returning a shipment that is on the way.

Sad, but I won’t do business with Wyze any longer.

Management needs to own up to this screwup!

Ummm…yesterday was April Fools day guys…


So it means it was a joke…

Yep, I wasted 5+ hours, waiting for the “mission”. I got one in my cart 5 times and each time I would go to process payment, I’d get the same screen the OP got. What a wonderful system. I just got 3 Wyze watches only because I ordered them back in September but, I think I’m through with Wyze. They seem to want to hurry products out but have done nothing to improve their website or customer service.