Wyze canceled

Simply cannot take the Wyze customer service no more. Upon seeing the way they traded me I literally have returned $250 worth of unused equipment and canceled all my cam plus subscriptions. This whole car all deal pushed me over the edge as far as customer service and response to tickets etc. They treat their customers no better than garbage. End of story. Long time dedicated Wyze customer no more,
I’m done!


Yeah I forgot to mention that I pre-ordered a thermostat which had nothing but problems out of the gate which I decided to keep because I was dedicated. Also ordered some of their color bulbs which are on their way back as well as numerous otherwise items. Not to mention pre-order on the watch which is not worth the inexpensive cost that I paid for it… they like to sell you what you think is new and innovative but nothing more than guinea pig equipment. Very very unsatisfied with this company at this point. Throwing in the towel literally returned absolutely everything I own other than cameras. Cameras they do well and I guess I’ll stick to that.


This is nothing more than a rant. If you had a nasty thing about the car deal, it does NOT make everything else you have FAULTY. We have Wyze products costing more than $250 and they are working. I personally do have 11 V3s, 1 headphone, 2 Pan Cams, 5 spotlights. Pan Cam mountings. They are working.
Save us the rant, please. Be patient and let them address your frustrations.
PS: I have had issues with Wyze and they were all well-addressed. Is it that some people’s impatience is over the roof?

I appreciate the feedback even if it is a “rant”. I also keep getting fooled with the idea that these are going to be super products–and sometimes they are–but it seems hit and miss. I get the impression that the company is going at a break-neck speed without the means to properly support all of these new not-sufficiently-tested products. The look nice and pretty, but molding plastic is much easier than making a complete line of truly solid products. The single Wyze app is also getting bogged down with having to support so many disparate products. There is room for “rants” when little hearts and glowing reviews don’t reveal the entire picture, especially for those of us who keep getting burned with troublesome experiences.

It sure is, but I do believe I am entitled. As I said I have tried just about everything they’ve had to offer giving them ample time to correct problems out of the gate with firmware etc. However I may have had much different experiences when it comes to trouble tickets. I have two Open tickets right now one for a camera and one for that thermostat I was talking about. No resolution so far.

I appreciate your criticism but in this case I believe I am entitled to my opinion as are you.

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not sure what the thermostat issue was mine rocked out of the box, my buddy had an issue, so I told him to go to Home Depot and get a new thermostat wire and wired it himself, this solved the problem. If you still have issues, tell me what you want for your thermostat, I could use another.