Managed to pay 4 a car, see pic. Never got confirmation of order

I’m having trouble here trying to figure out whether my order actually went through. Spent numerous hours on their website trying to score one of these cars I think I may have actually scored one. Put enough phone call as well as have a service request number but still haven’t heard any responses. I need to verify seeing how they seem to be willing to take my money. 20210402_224846|225x500

If they took your money consider yourself fortunate. Most people didn’t even get that option. I would however caution on pushing too much. I did that with a preorder in the past and the answer was, “we are sorry that you are unhappy with your order. We have agreed to cancel it”. This bummed me out because I was wondering if my order was correct. With preorders if there are any issue they reserve the right to cancel, and when you buy you agreed to those terms too. [" D. Order Process; Errors"]

Fortunately they reinstated my order after sending a kind email requesting a review. It took about a week if I recall for it to be reversed.

If you log into, check out the “orders” section, do you see the Wyze car in there as a recent order? Have you checked that?