VROOM? V2? rc?

How does a website sell 500 products in 1 second? Their credibility is gone. NOT funny

good luck everyone, i’m not sitting around and wasting anymore time. What a joke and a complete flop, the free shipping that jumped to 17.99 should have been the end for me but when i already have one in my cart at 12 and as soon as it hits 12 and i try to check out and it tells me it is already out of stock. I’m done

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Same for me. Why would Wyze do this? Alibaba has a better track record.

Cart wouldn’t go on first round. Then waited around for the countdown. The second the countdown got to zero its restarted at 1hr 59 min with zero available

I honestly don’t think it’s a joke. They aren’t sinister.
I think they didn’t anticipate this much demand and their servers are crashing. I actually doubt they sold any at the second hour, I think they are having technical difficulties.

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F them…I am about to sell all of wyze cams, headphones and other items on ebay, They pissed me off and wasted my time!

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I got one in the first round… I doubt its a joke… My guess is too many people were able to get around the system by refreshing and ordering early so they sold more than 500 in the first round. That along with soo many people trying to order it. I guess you guys have never tried ordering limited quantity items on black friday or something. Its very common for the POS systems to crash with the high demand.


Forum contest for product name to win a car… you should enter it

So here’s the forum game. We want to know what you’re going to name your car! We’ll have winners for the top 3 community favorites by likes, the punniest, the funniest (without being a pun), and the best spy car name. Keep it family-friendly and within our Wyze Community Guidelines to qualify. Submissions must be made before midnight Pacific time tonight to be in the running.

@pthalodezin Thoughts?

BotsGotThemAll McBotsface :rofl:

Hi Gwendolyn. Is the correct shippping price $5.99 or $17.99? I have seen both charges in my cart at various times.


I would go to her thread about it with the contests, link above, and ask her there…she is replying there, not here. Also for future reference if you want to get someone’s attention in your post use the “@” then their name, otherwise they arent notified you are trying to talk to them.

02 Chevy Camera-OH!

Image 4-1-21 at 11.31 AM

Hey guys. I got two apparently. One on each hour. It just didn’t say so on their website.

Don’t worry, I’ll return one. I don’t want two.

Did you buy one on Dec 11th?


On the contest page, Gwen says if it went through on your Amazon then you have a car.

But how will you race them???

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