Wyze Car? For real?

Ya I find it hard to believe they were gone that quick.


I already ordered mine last hour, so I am laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. Someone at Wyze really needs to look over their website code and/or add a few servers to the farm.

Happens every single time on new release, why would they start now

If this is so, I hope all orders with more then 1 get canceled and units made available in a bonus hour.

Well, maybe cancel the orders with three or more. I picked up two so I can gift one to a friend…


For everyone whining about it selling out instantly, you clearly have never tried to buy any limited release online (black Friday, private bourbon barrels, etc.). 500 units for what’s guaranteed to be several thousands of people trying to snag one each hour all comes down to luck of the draw. I’ve seen 1k bourbon barrels (full) sell out instantly, and those were $6k+. Have some patience and keep at it. If you’re refreshing after the clock strikes the hour, you’re already too late.

ComicCon tickets…

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Lets not get started on that one… Today is a day of fun, and being childish.

Boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s go racin’, boys!

well that sucked LOL

I have the spinning bar, I am going to leave it for the next 45 minutes just in case that worked. If not, third times a charm. Right…? Maybe

So, is this a joke??? I’ve logged in twice at 8am and 10am PT and nada! Quite frustrating

They are hammered even at the high pricing. Shipping is now $18. Several threads about this offer.

Edit: Shipping is $22 now?

The car went from $19.99 to $50 and the shipping went from Free to $8 to $18 to $22…

The mania is remarkable. At least beanie baby and Cabbage Patch Kid buyers weren’t all grabbing a toy just for themselves to play with… :slight_smile:

Pretty lame of Wyze to scam like this…waste of time

nope…tried twice right at the countdown…no way!!!

BOTH times in my cart and I goto pay immediately and I get this when I am trying to get payment approved TWICE NOW each hour! I had the sucka! Then when this happens a few times the page comes back with no stock!

I’m-a not Happy!

Exact same thing happens to me

Yep that happened to me too :cry:

Well, that crapola is just not gonna make the grade! :joy: It was right there… I had it!

I feel like an imbecile… maybe Wyze should…

Actually, if I don’t have anything nice to say, blah blah blah…

These will be online for $UMPTINE dollars for auction once people with bots get their 150… I would like just ONE! and I had it twice if it wasn’t for Wyze maintenance! I’m going to Congress! :poop: