Whers the car?!?!

My family purchased 4, each on separate accounts and on separate time slots.

You gotta realize, if anyone posts about being successful, they are drowned out by all of the complaining.

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Whenever you are part of the winning group you feel like everyone else is dumb and a bunch of complaining losers. I sat in a car during a road trip with nothing better to do than to sit there and try to check out every hour. How do you explain that Mr. “my family and I hogged four of these so we could sell them on eBay for $500 a piece”? You don’t explain that. That’s wasting a ton of your customers time after getting them excited about something. Why are you even commenting? Go enjoy your four cars that you magically ordered.

I get you’re salty, but your hostility is tragically misplaced.

If you would look at the comment I’m replying to, you would have seen why I was commenting. We have 4 family members that have access to the Wyze app, why wouldn’t we all try to get one to drive around the backyard? Your attitude towards people who got one is extremely toxic, and again, misplaced.

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Yeah, a company that deals in internet connected devices still can’t get a simple checkout to work properly on a high demand release day. It’s been the same for many product release days and should tell you all you need to know about product reliability. You would think they would have learned by now. And $15 shipping? I put one in my cart and it went to over $65, so I deleted it

I have no issues with anyone who was able to purchase the Wyze Car. I hope you enjoy it. My issue is the fact that many people, myself included had one car in our shopping cart ready to pay only to have it pulled out, saying that they are now out of stock. This should have been a BUY IT NOW sale. At least 4 times I had the car in my cart only to be told it was out of stock while I was confirming my address, entering my payment Info or just waiting for Wyze’s system. I truly believe this was an April Fools Joke, Wyze had to know many people wouldn’t be able to secure one of these cars. So I feel like a fool for wasting my time trying to purchase the car. Although I am wondering, why only 5000. Obviously they can make money on this, so why not keep manufacturing it?


I’m not sure I’d say “tragically”, that’s an intense word to use. I’m definitely not sad and if you’re sad for me then that’s your choice to have an emotional reaction on a message board. You said that ALL the success is being drowned out by all the complaining (baiting).

My point was why come on a message board and rub your success of being able to purchase four of them in everyone else’s face? And then call me the toxic one.

Your comment was baiting whether it was intentional or unintentional. This was far from toxic and it’s easy to say that to someone when you have four cars running around your back yard.

Congrats that you were able to get one of these cars on four different family member accounts (not that you needed to be signed in anyway but whatever). I’m actually happy for you, just don’t rub it in all the “complainers” faces and we’ll be good.

Lastly, who buys one of these and out of excitement runs over to a message board to comment that you bought one? I wouldn’t have even thought of coming on a message board after purchasing one. That’s just me though.

However you view it, the handling of orders was catastrophically poor. In particular, once you succeeded in clicking ‘buy’ on the car, the process should’ve worked. I am sure everyone who got as far as payment, only to have the transaction fall apart due to server inadequacies, will feel deeply frustrated and annoyed. The handling of this preorder release was a showcase on how not to do it. Win or lose it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.


This all has to be some terrible joke by Wyze. I tried to get one at every single hour to the second. I even made it past the payment section a few times (I tried Amazon Pay, PayPal, and CC throught the day) only for it to then say out of stock in less than 5 seconds most of the time. I even have emails from both PayPal and Amazon Pay that the payments are pending, but no orders show on Wyze’s site which others who claimed to have got one show a Wyze order in their accounts.
This is all infuriating and just makes Wyze look like a donkey and me feel like one for wasting my day trying to order one.

Same boat - I sent them an email, maybe I’ll get lucky?

Anyone who missed out . . .

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Games is what we played yesterday. Nothing Wyze can do at this point to repair the massive damage they have done to us loyal customers. What a shame and they are not ashamed or they would not have you posting about more April fools jokes here. Thanks but no thanks! I will be ambassador of the negative kind going forward


The contest and car aren’t a joke, you can enter by naming your car in the topic above.

I agree, it was a very unfortunate April Fools day and your comment best summarizes the overall sentiment → “Games is what we played yesterday. Nothing Wyze can do at this point to repair the massive damage they have done to us loyal customers.”

From a technical perspective, Wyze could have done better in load prediction, balancing, session data handling, etc. I know it’s not that simple, IT guys and gals. But in any limited-supply contest situation, you can easily expect “outsiders” coming in to overload the system and snatch up products before their intended customers (your true loyal fans) could get it. What’s most frusrating for unassumed customers is that their shopping carts are emptied during the payment stage. Those scalpers are skilled and experienced. Wyze could have prevented a nightmare and made the game more fun for their loyal customers by installing a few filters and control logic.

This event left a bad aftertaste in many Wyze fans, but I hope that many stay and support this company. Wyze didn’t do this to us intentionally. It just went very wrong this one day. I’m sure Wyze will learn and become a better company from this.

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I’ll name mine Unicorn, because it doesn’t exist despite going into my cart 9 times.


Comment of the year. :rofl: :rofl:

And when you actually get the car in your cart, and PAY through amazon pay successfully with the over billing shipping of $17.85 and only then does it fail to process. and open a ticket with Wyze sending in a screen shot with proof ( Wyze Ticket 1139725) only to be told " If you were able to successfully place an order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details within 30 minutes. If you do not receive one we sincerely apologize. Please try again if another batch becomes available."

That is acceptable business practice to Wyze? Really? I was able to successfully place an order…as were I am willing to bet 100s of others who made it to the final step only for it to bomb out. And while I do understand your view that it was due to so many people attempting to win the car, the issue was caused by bots looting your drawing.


Let the bot-enabled profiteering begin: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Limited-Edition-Wyze-Car/284242344793?hash=item422e29fb59:g:aMsAAOSwkbNgZqF~

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exactly! Only $250.00. And oh look they will even give you a 3-year protection plan from SquareTrade for only an additional $41.99

Hey Wyze, successful campaign eh?

Thank you for the clam email.

I agree that this could have been handled better and, seeing how some got more than one, this too should have been stopped.
WE WYZE customers love the products and want them to keep coming.

Please, WYZE learn from this poor accounting for the Loyal among us.

Again, your failure to read the comment I was replying to would give you all of the context you needed for all of your questions.

You literally created your account to come and complain yesterday; so at least you were successful in that!