This is a joke. Not the car - trying to get a car

What a joke. This is just sad. The items are in my cart but it won’t let me check out. Why the [Mod Edit] wouldn’t they just make it an item everyone can order?

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They had a limited supply every hour (they tried to space it out so they weren’t all gone within minutes of launch) to give a wider array of people an opportunity with the difference in time zones and hours people may be available. I was lucky and got one, but the demand was so high that the servers probably couldn’t sustain stability.

I think their biggest error was not forseeing the server capacity/demand on resources.

I’ve had issues in the past when there were popular pre-orders trying to purchase at launch.


I like the positive outlook that you have but I’m not buying that this was simply a server issue. I tried every single hour on the hour and all 500 were gone in seconds. Not minutes. Seconds. I’ve been a huge fan of their products and I’ve never seen anything like this. This looked to be staged. Every hour went the same way. By XX:02, all units were gone immediately.

This looks more like clever attempt at marketing. I’d love to see the 5000 people that somehow made it through and hit “refresh” 800 times hoping that one of the transactions went through. I did the same thing. All ten times (every hour on my laptop) and every time I’d get one in my cart, the page wouldn’t load.

Which by the way, isn’t that how a cart system is supposed to operate, after I get one in my cart? Its saved in my cart for an allocated amount of time before it’s released. And this wasn’t the case here. It took maybe 2-3 minutes to say they were out stock but wait? What about the one in my cart? Something isn’t adding up.

If this was a joke is was a poor one that’s going to lose customers. And if it wasn’t a joke? Doesn’t matter, you’re still gonna lose customers. Im so unbelievably annoyed that I wasted several hours of my time today trying to get one. Obviously I was an idiot in the first place for wanting to buy a remote control car to spy on all my neighbors, friends, animals, and co-workers. Why would that sound fun to anyone? Then you get your hopes literally ripped out of your stomach by Wyze playing a really bad April Fools joke. Talk about disappointment.

VERY 2020 of you Wyze :eyes: I think I’m breaking up with you for good this time.

I thought Wyze would be better than the “we wanted to do something for our customers” which is bogus if you sold these the way you just did. They’re already on eBay for a few hundred dollars. :+1:t2: So way to give back to your loyal fan base.


I am with kratzcam and all the others who tried unsuccessfully to buy the car EVERY SINGLE HOUR. Sometimes the car was in cart only to be lost after the wyze website crashed, sometimes the site crashed before. If you are doing these limited releases please at least have a merchant system that can handle it.


I wish this had been a joke. Their web setup isnt even close to handling the volume this required. 4 times “added to your cart” then nothing. For a company making such strides they continue to keep messing with what works… Stop the gimmicks! Sell first to your regular money makers then pull off some half baked scheme to get attention. This left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Guys…you just gotta click faster next time.

Stop following me around :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I wasn’t even clicking. I started to get to the point where I carefully placed my cursor in the exact spot that “add to cart” would appear and kept hitting CTRL-R until there were a few seconds left. And almost every time, I’d get one in my cart and make it to checkout. But as soon as I had to pay, nothing would load. Happened to me at least 7-8 times. The 9th round is the closest I ever got.

Super frustrating. In the cart multiple times and can’t checkout.

It’s still “in my cart” but unavailable…

I tried to finish the purchase every hour for 4 hours… nope, could not get through shipping /payment stages before it became “out of stock” each time.

I’ll just leave it there. . , in the cart, . . forever as a reminder that I WAS there ON TIME with less than 500 available multiple times. . .

Oh well my Wyze cams, doorbell, thermostat, sprinkler controller, smart Vacuum, scale, plugs, outdoor plug, locks will not be captured by a Wyze V2 camera on a Wyze car. . .

Will they be available later? My husband would love one.

I agree - TWICE, I had the cart filled with the Car, Camera, Tax and Shipping - Shipping Address confirmed from my logon, and then the Payment part did not execute - Very Frustrating. IF Wyze would look at the logs from their server, they will find that probably many of us (who are loyal users with multiple products and monthly services) were DITCHED by their system. This experience does NOT make me want to recommend them anymore.

This was very frustrating, in the cart and then nothing, But I finally got the purchase after the 7th hour of trying. This was one for angering loyal customers.
As Gomer Pyle would say, “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!”