Huge disappointment on Wyze order processing :(

First I love Wyze and the cameras! I decided to venture into the Home Monitoring system…and Wyze ordering process has HUGELY disappointed me!

I ordered a Home Monitoring system back on 11/1 (way before the holidays) and the order status still says pending. I gave it 2 weeks before contacting support about the order via email first and they said they would check on it. Came back the next day saying an issue with the shipping address. They would fix it and it should process in the next day or two. That was not the case. A week later I tried again and that time got just the party line that "It is the holidays, there are lots of orders and taking a while to process, etc.) So I waited a few more days and contacted them via phone. Did not get any further with that session either. Tried phone again 5ish days later and still the same thing.

So I have a order of 6 items ordered, over a month ago now and no status update. And the kicker is that the Cam Plus for 1 camera already started and so has the monitoring service (but not configured) as far as I can tell. So I have wasted a month of my year I paid for and do not have any hardware.

ORDER # 012415588
Tickets 1622987, 1625523, 1595937

If this some how gets to management at Wyze that would be great! If not I will be cancelling my order, but I really do not want to and just want my stuff I paid for!

Edit: @WyzeRyan is there any chance you can help with on this? I see you have helped in many other post about the Home Monitoring.