No order confirmation, on hold forever

I placed a $100+ order last week and have yet to receive a confirmation number. There’s no record of the order in my account. I do see it in my bank account, however.

I have tried to contact customer service several times. Chat keeps me talking to the bot forever, email receives no response, and on the phone I’m left on hold with no estimate of when anyone is going to pick up.

This is my first experience with Wyze and I am beyond frustrated.

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Welcome to the forum @yearofthesnk.

Sorry to hear of your frustrations. Maybe the user base can give you a hand in at least validating your order.

Assuming you made the order from the Wyze website?

Do you have any wyze devices in use currently even though you mentioned this is your first experience with Wyze, just support or in totality?

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I recently made an order from the Wyze website and did not see it in my order list from my account on the Wyze website.

I was able to validate the order in the Wyze app under account and order history.

I cannot say why they are not synced, but I got the peace of mind knowing that the order was processing.

If you have the Wyze app take a look there and see if your order is there. This info could be beneficial once you are able to get in touch with support.

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I experienced the same issue as @R.good indicated. The Wyze app should show the order, the My Orders on the Wyze Site seems to have an issue. I did report this, but no resolution as of yet.

Having the same experience as others in this thread. The web site is not being updated on the “My Orders” for the last 30 days. But the Order History on the phone application has the latest status and all of my orders. Even the change that they made a few hours ago. Also have two orders that show “processing” . For one of the orders, I have received the items, but the status on both the web and the phone show “processing”. For the other order, I didn’t receive the order and after emailing Support, got a reply and they are shipping the Sense Hub, under a new order #. The original still shows up as “processing”. So there is definitely an issue with both the billing and the web site.

We have notice that all of our orders placed in late October and November on the web site are not showing up,but on the APP it shows all orders and Wyze knows about it and there IT Dept. Is still working on it

I placed two orders last night and they are not showing up on my account, neither via the web site or the app. I did however received emails saying the orders have already shipped. So many software issues lately with Wyze.

Same here it has been like that since October

Why haven’t they fixed it by now?!

Ask them,since your on the phone