Wyze Bolt ordered, no confirmation number

Ordered a Wyze Bolt on 12/16/22 from wyze.com using Amazon pay. Never received an order confirmation. Never received an order confirmation email. Both app and online accounts show no Wyze Bolt in my recent orders. My bank statement shows a charge from amazon for the Wyze Bolt amount plus tax. It’s been 4 days and I have still not received and form of confirmation and have not received the item.
I have a screenshot of the bank statement if needed.
Please help.

This is a user-to-user community, and thus no one here has any visibility on your order. So best to contact Wyze directly:


They are open 16 hours a day plus weekends, and they are the only ones who have visibility on your order. :slight_smile:

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I work nights too, but when I contact support, I usually just choose to converse with them through “email”…there is usually an option when you go to the support webpage. I usually just tell it to let me submit my issue and get a reply by email. Then I can do everything on my own time when I have a free moment. It’s SOOO much more convenient to me than chat or phone. Chat and phone are fast results, but email is super convenient for people like us that are working at night, and honestly, email support is just as effective at getting things resolved, and as an added benefit I get to keep a written copy of the entire support interaction! It’s perfect. I highly recommend it. :+1:


I agree that email cam be more convenient but support takes 12-24 hours to reply.

That’s what I noticed on my end, usually I prefer to just call and get my issue taken care of asap

Having the same issue. Ordered thermostat using Amazon pay option. I was charged, but no trace of my order in either my Amazon or my Wyze account. Nothing but a payment email from Amazon Pay – no tracking or confirmation from Wyze for my actual order. I need to know estimated delivery date!

I would not have used Amazon Pay if I knew it had this issue.