Bit disappointed

I’ve been a Wyze customer since the beginning. Back then they actually had telephone numbers to call with problems. Very helpful, friendly people answered. Invited me to drive up to Kirkland and see the place. I have a problem with an order and there is zero ways of contacting except through the forums. They have completely isolated themselves from their customers. No more Mr. Nice guy.

I ordered an air filter and though logged into my account when ordered, I chose the Amazon prime option for payment delivery. Amazon is a very old account and uses my ancient email address I don’t use any longer. It is a major hassle to change email with Amazon and PayPal. Wyze decided to creat a new account for me using this unused address they saw in Amazon even though I was logged in and ordering from my active account. I am not verifying or using this bogus account they created and my filter should be on my current account. Geez, the name and address are the same, you would think something in the system would flag this. Annoying.

Sorry to hear of you troubles @pianolist.

I cannot provide any feedback in regards to the Amazon account or how that process works as I am not aware of this process.

While they may not take support call from the Seattle office anymore you can contact support here


They do still have a Customer Support phone number and an email although they are trying to channel the majority of their support thru the online chat bot and the social communities. They do this because 99% of the questions have already been answered in the Knowledge Articles or in the Communities and the repetition swamps the Support Wizards from helping with real issues like yours.

(206) 339-9646


It is a major hassle to change email with Amazon and PayPal.

No sir, it is not. You can leave that current email address in there, and add another person, sort of like a family member, using that newer email. And it works along with the same account. Give it a try. You simply log in with it.

But you also can simply go in and change the account name to the newer email if you choose to. I’m not talking about Paypal. That’s a diff animal.

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At some point companies will find out that not giving customers a number to talk with a real person, is a big mistake! I know I’m tired of dealing with chat BOTS and automated call BOTS and if I have to wait days to get a response with an issue, then I’ll stop buying their products.