Is Wyze Lifestyle the official Amazon seller account?

I ordered something from there but it’s taking a while. Was curious if that’s an official seller account or imposter? It looks legit.


This is interesting, as Wyze is based in the US. @WyzeJasonJ can you verify this is legit?


I have verified this is us, yes we are still based in the US.


Thank you for quickly responding. I appreciate it. So, just for feedback, I called Wyze support and the agent stated that this is not Wyze. I believe there is a training opportunity there. Additionally, the agent could not assist with the order at all. There was no record of it.


When you talked to support did they give you any kind of ticket number so I could follow up with them?

Now that you mention it, no, no ticket was cut. I called the Wyze number and then chose the “delivery/shipping” option in the prompt.

@WyzeJasonJ is this address mainly for selling to China?

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I am not sure I was just told it was an official seller.

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My purifier was sold and shipped by Wyze lifestyle and I’m in the US. What odd is that they still used Amazon FBA. I believe that listing was either faulty or an interim one since they were still shipping the units to the Amazon fulfillment center. In either case, the last time I checked, it was listed as sold by Wyze lifestyle and now fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Where it got confusing is that it originally was listed as shipped by 3rd party but they manually used FBA. So, Amazon’s tracking didn’t know what to do to account for that scenario. It displayed the TBA tracking number but no shipment information.

Edit: I got the unit and I am thoroughly enjoying it albeit some minor reporting issues with reporting trending AQI in the app; I’m waiting on the next FW update to correct this.