Orders delivery delay

The last 3 orders that I placed were either lost or never delivered. I keep thinking why sending merchandise via FedEx when orders can be shipped via USPS and will be faster and cheaper. On my last order, placed on July 2, tracking information shows UPS as the carrier. Well, I said, finally they canceled FedEx contract after so many bad experiences. This time it will be faster and for the same $9.99 I paid. After 2 weeks of tracking the order, the merchandise was sent back and no reason was given. So, I contacted customer service and a new order was made. Now after waiting for 3 weeks, the process starts again and I have to wait for a month.

If Wyze expects customers to have an amazing experience and be pleased, they have to improve this order-delivery system.

In the meantime, I will no longer recommend Wyze products. This was my third trie and it went like the 2 previous deliveries.

As I told the customer service agent, I have bought 7 cameras at different times, one weight scale, 1 garage controller, 1 earbud, 1 pair of headphones, 3 Wyze watches, and a door lock.