Improve Slow Shipping

Wyze has really slow shipping and it negatively impacts the customer’s return policy timeframe.

I’ve seen many posts and had personal experiences to back up the fact that Wyze has really slow shipping. We’re talking over 7 days to get anything. This leads to 2 things…

  • A desire to purchase your products elsewhere or not purchase them at all.
  • A shorter return window due to Wyze’s poor shipping process.

I recommend getting things out the door quicker, shipping from more distribution centers located near the customer, and not using FedEx who is notorious for not delivering on time.

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Our last 5 orders from wyze only took 2 days to get the order all by FedEx

That’s not super scientific and unhelpful. While I’m glad that you get your packages quickly that doesn’t scientifically mean that Wyze has great shipping. Thanks for the reply?..

The reason why I would say is Wyze has a warehouse in California and our office is In California so 2 days if the item’s are in the California warehouse if not then it ships from Washington warehouse that takes about 4 days…we have notice that the last 11 orders were on FedEx…so where are you located?

The “I WANT IT NOW!” generation.

:joy: @homerdog03 trolls again! Nice man.

Following your mantra which based on your comment must be “JUST SHIP IT WHENEVER”, nobody would ever seek to improve anything and they’d just build customer dissatisfaction. Comments like these ruin forums, I’m just trying to get Wyze to think about their process and find possible areas to improve.

For your information, “I WANT IT NOW!” equates to over 10 days since payment. But yeah, you got me…

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HA! You make me laugh! Glad you’re here.

It seems from where I sit on the east coast that shipping is Wyzelabs weakest point, order fulfillment probably second. Wyzelabs has a long way to go to compete with the efficiency and speed which most online retailers are able to get products to my doorstep.

How many working days does it take for you? Mine is 3-4 days